My kiddo is very much into story telling.I think he got it from my sister-in-law who is a very good storyteller 🙂 and thanks to Sprouts television, where they do storytelling using sand painting and shadows. He likes them very much. So every night instead of me telling him story, he would tell me stories using shadows. Here is the video of it. It’s really a good exercise to bring out their thought process. Here is what he was trying to show with the shadows.

“Once upon a time there was a very old rock and it was turning into a flying pumpkin and then it turned into a heart. And then it turned into two fingers and then it saw a giant coming and then finger told the giant don’t eat me. Then giant didn’t eat him but they both got eaten by big gigantic giant. The End.”

Kids imaginations are really fascinating. I am sure each and every kids imagination will be unique and equally fascinating.

Till now, when kiddo wants to draw something, I give him coloring or painting book and required colors. He never showed interested in painting on his own. I know he is very much into story telling so I didn’t pay much attention on his painting.My kiddo’s latest cartoon addiction is “Poppy Cat”. So I asked him draw something about poppy cat. And he came up with this story book (???), an illustration book by himself without us helping him. There is no big story, but the way he created the illustrations and books was surprising and of course he got the ideas from all these books that we read.

I would like to thank all these authors and storytellers who help the kids in bringing out their creative ideas.


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