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Toddlers and 2 year old kids are the naturally busy people. And they know how to keep you busy with them. Isn’t?  This age is very tricky but at the same time it’s a wonderful phase. My daughter is 6 now. But, I still remember her toddler stage. Yes, there were few tantrum days or say few odd days but I will not call them terrible Two’s. Kids at that age are full of energy and that is a tough part for us-to meet their level. Those little but curious minds are always up to something or other. So, they need variety during their playtime.

My daughter started her pre-school when she was close to 2 ½ years. Initially, it was 2 days for 4 hours. For rest of the week we used to do lots of fun things. Surprised? Fun things with a toddler?

In this post I will share with you, – ‘moms of two year old champs’, things I used to do with my little girl.

Think out of the box

Toddlers have short attention spans, and toddlers get tired easily. We used to play lots of on the spot games. Use your imagination and creativity in coming up with something new, different. For example, mix vegetables and fruits. Now make two different piles. Start sorting out. It sounds a very basic game but kids love it. Start calling out names of vegetables and fruits and their colors. At later stages, you can introduce numbers too.

Take a stroll with you munchkin

Mother nature has so much to give. Don’t underestimate the natural beauty. Kids love to take walks. Keep them short. If you

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can make a trip to your nearby park then great otherwise, just put on your walking shoes and step out. Explore nature’s beauty through your lil one’s curious eyes. You will be surprised to see the happiness and the extent of their exploring capacity. Your kiddo might think of collecting rocks, pebbles, leaves. Don’t stop. I would say, you too get involved in the activity. You might get a bouquet of leaves too.  I remember, we used to collect acorns every day during our stroll meant for each family member (also for those who are in India). The best part of this walk will be, the happy and satisfied soul will be tired and will easily go for a good afternoon nap without much struggle. You get some ‘ME’ time.

Let them get dirty

Kids like to do messy stuff and we want the opposite. But let them explore. How did we find a difference between clean and messy? Toddlers love hands on activities. They like to do foam art, finger painting, palm art. Don’t do one same activity too often. It loses the magic. If you use it occasionally, like on rainy days, they will be excited and occupied much longer! Just make sure that whatever material you use, that should be non-toxic and you should be watching them all the time.

 Independent play

Independent play is equally important as group play. Reserve few activities where you child can handle on his/her own.  It may be short but it’s okay. Foam art (mentioned in the above point) works great for independent play, Lego can be another option. Toddlers aren’t truly ready for independent play so better to have a bag of tricks for them when boredom strikes.


You can introduce books to you child as early as you can. Some toddlers won’t sit still long enough for you to get through a whole book, but some love listening to a story. Read to your child for as long as he or she will listen. Use reading time as a transition time from playing to nap time.

Few more:

Washing food

I guess, almost all the kids love water. Make them the in charge of washing vegetables say a tomato.  But, during this washing process be ready to sacrifice the tomato.

Food coloring games

My daughter used to play this at her school. Mix the food color with some shaving cream inside a sandwich bag and then let your child draw shapes with fingers. This can be a part of independent play.

Being a parent to a toddler keeps you on your toes throughout your entire day. Toddlers possess active energy during a developmental stage of constant curiosity. Above all, have patience. Try to select activities that provide entertainment for the child as well as a learning experience.

Happy Parenting!!

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