Should Rakshabandhan be only for brothers and sisters? This mum’s daughters gave her a surprising answer!

Rakshabandhan is among my mom’s favorite festival. As the only sister to three brothers, she loved that they pampered and took care of her!

Since my childhood ,I have heard a lot of stories of Rakshabandhan. These have been stories about how a brother’s duty is to protect his sister. A sister has to pray for her brother’s well being. I remember my parents telling me that all that was fine but you needed to protect your brother as much as your brother needed to pray for you!

I took those words pretty seriously and often got into fights with older kids because my brother has been one of those quite characters who believes in smiling and let go instead of fighting! The poor guy has had to pull me out of a lot of fights and prayed that I dont go and hit anyone!

What about sisters?

When my second daughter was born, the older one was ecstatic. She always wanted a sister and her wish was fulfilled. Until she heard someone in the building say to her that she doesn’t have a brother to tie a ‘Rakhi’ to….That evening she came back a bit upset from play and asked me why her sister was not a boy? But you wanted a sister na I told her! She told the reason behind her question and was very upset. Amma can you have another child and then that can he a boy no? she asked me in all innocence! I almost fell off my chair and ensured her that I am definitely NOT having another child. Please Amma, I also want to tie Rakhi she pleaded to me.

I was silent for a second and told her that she tied Rakhi to a couple of guys in her daycare. Yes but I want real wala she said adamantly. Then you tie to your sister I told her. What Amma she laughed and said, how can I tie Rakhi to sister? Why not I asked. Who says Rakhi is only for brother sister? Rakhi is the symbol of love and can be tied between siblings whether they are girl or boy!

A symbol of love

She seemed very fascinated by the idea and went on to explain the idea to her 8 month sister who was clueless about what akka was saying but kept grinning at her!

It’s funny how some things are so ingrained in our mental makeup. We find it hard to break out of that mould! Rakshabandhan is celebrated to remind us about the wonderful siblings we have and appreciate their presence in our lives. Where is it said that a sister can tie a Rakhi only to her brother? It is important to celebrate the spirit of the festival!

Whether you have a sister or a brother, remember that the festival is celebrated to celebrate sibling love. Go ahead and tie the Rakhi to your sibling!

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