Last week this time, the weather here was a high of 112 F or about 44 C. It was so hot that, when my daughter came back home in the late afternoon from day care all we wanted was ice cream. After some store bought ice-creams, the adults had had enough. We wanted good old kulfis.

I am not very patient with long drawn out recipes with too many steps. If it involves more than 20 mins and more than 5 steps, something gets burnt. So the kulfi had to be instant and all good and yummy ingredients.So here goes my concoction – recipe for instant kulfi using condensed milk:

instant kulfi recipe, instant kulfi condensed milk


1.5 cups of Sweetened Condensed milk

2 cups of whole milk

1/8 cup of honey

A pinch of saffron

two pinches of cardamom seeds


Heat all the ingredients above so they come together.


Meanwhile, let your kid play with the popsicle molds.

Pour out the mixture into the molds.

Have husband wrap each mold in aluminium foil, for good measure, to prevent freezer burn.

Stick in the freezer.

Ready in 4/5 hours.

Adults and Kid certified yummy!

Do try it! And let me know how it turned out!


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