When there can be barbie dolls, why not Indi dolls? When we heard about this venture from Swapna Bapat of Indidoll, we were super elated and wanted to know more about it. We really loved the concept and we got an opportunity to talk with Team Indidoll.


Team Indidoll

Before getting into details, we would like to briefly introduce you to the Indidoll Team Members,

  • Shubada Bapat – Director
  • Rajeev Dixit – Director and head of Operations
  • Binaya Mohanty – Designer and Curator

Direct Dil Se with Team Indidoll

1. Tell us a little bit about your venture Indidoll

Indidoll was created to fill in a gap our team saw in the Indian market for a good quality fun product. The doll is created to look child-like, with typical Indian skin color, and hair. Using the doll as a medium, we also want the child to learn about some strong, famous Indian role models, through a beautifully illustrated book that comes with the doll. Each story carries more messages beyond just the role model being described. For example, the story shows a strong bond between the father and daughter showing how important a father is in moulding a strong girl child.

The clothes that are worn by the doll are hand stitched by women who also now have access to make a respectful living.


2. What inspired you to come up with Indidoll?

The lack of having a good quality product that allowed our Indian children to feel proud of their looks and heritage in the market is our inspiration. Most of the existing products are either too foreign, woman-like and are giving all the wrong messages to small children. Existing products are not durable or fun hence not being liked by the child. We found the combination of the doll whose story is entwined with a fun, adventure and a modern twist would appeal to today’s children


3. What has been the response like from kids and parents ?

Response has been overwhelming and the product is liked throughout the country by caregivers (aunts, uncles, grandparents and parents)

4. What do you have planned next in the Indidoll series?

Our next doll will be based on a famous Indian sportswoman. Stay tuned!!

Be the Author for the next Indidoll book! 

Indidoll was created to fill in the blatant gap in the Indian market for a high quality fun product for girls. While developing this product, we added a goal to encourage budding authors who are looking to make a mark in the growing children’s books space.

We are looking for a fun and energetic author to join our Indidoll team and author our next book Drisha. As with every book in the series, the book will be based on a strong Indian woman who is worthy of being a role model to our girls.

A fun, exciting and interesting storiy that would get 4-8yr old kids transfixed is what we are looking from you. Please send in your story based on the following criteria

The story should have 4 chapters of 400 words each. The story should revolve around a fictional Indian sports celebrity, and the choice of sport could be tennis, badminton, gymnastics etc. Please put your creative hat on and remove the cob webs off your writer’s block, pen away to where imagination meets excitement for a 4 yr old!!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Mimitra Enterprises will own all rights to the book and associated contents.
  2. Mimitra Enterprises will reserve the right to chose 1 finalist and 1 semi-finalist. Winning the story contest does not indicate any binding between the author and Mimitra Enterprises
  3. The author will be given writing credits when the book is published
  4. All entries will be destroyed once the 2 selections are made.
  5. Final story will involve the Miimitra team approvals. Author might be requested to make changes in the structure of the story to meet Indidoll story format.

Image Credits: Team Indidoll


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