My daughter, all of 1. 5 years is a bundle of joy to watch.  In the last few weeks, she has taken to copying everything that she sees around.  She learns a new word and she wants to say it non-stop. Now her two new muses are to be noted.  Her muses are a very obvious reflections of  vanity – shoes and bags. Vanity is not gender-limited and as they say if well-fed it is benevolent.

There is so much joy and glee in wearing Appa’s shoes and strutting around the house with Amma’s bag.

Why kids imitate parents ?

Imitation or copying is a serious business and there is great deal of learning and development in doing the same for both parent and the child. My interpretations and analysis on what kids imitate parents and why you should encourage it.

Early parent-child bonding

I vividly remember Maira at 6 months cheekily following her father’s gaze from one end of the cot to the other like a lighthouse. God save us, by then she was also inducted into practicing the Indian bob with her dad.

Boosting self-confidence

Maira got all excited when she got a chance to sashay around the house in mommy’s stole and kitten-heeled pumps. We both clapped and cheered and she got all the more excited to repeat the jig.


Brushing her teeth, gargling, applying hair oil, combing her hair, strictly in this order is Maira’s morning routine. She has also taken in the habit of gently rubbing her palms and cupping them around her eyes like her Appa. All of the above are good habits and a must follow routine as she grows up. She also imitates a lot of sounds and words  and uses them effortlessly in her daily conversations and by the way the sounds and words are in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, English and Hindi, strictly in this order.

Emulating is indeed vital to the development of language and social skills, however do watch out for pesky parent behaviors which the child is easily able to copy.

Parenting is a beautiful journey, it is necessary to help children differentiate behaviors that are acceptable and the ones that are limiting.

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