A mother is easily tagged as superwoman, all-rounder etc. but is her work really acknowledged or just buried under a word responsibility or duty?

I really wonder if there are husbands who take out time from their tight schedule and huge office pressure to understand “her difficulties and pressure”. It’s not really important how husbands share work with their wife after having a baby. What is more important is how they handle her mental pressure.

A Mother is Born

When a woman is pregnant, everybody cares for her and loves her. She is pampered like a queen; all her wishes are given due importance but what happens as soon as she gives birth to the baby? She suddenly becomes a mother, superwoman, and a living machine. She is deprived of sleep and rest, etc. I know every woman goes through it and this is something very common. She works all through the day and night. Doesn’t she deserve care and love from her husband?

Work and Home

To make it more clear, think of the feeling you get when you have given your best at work but your manager doesn’t appreciate it. Instead the manager, just ignores and says the work is a part of your responsibility. Same is a mother’s situation. I am not saying husband is boss or manager. But just like a manager’s acknowledgment matters, the husband’s love and care matters to a mother. More than that of other family members.

Majority of times husbands forget to show gratitude towards their spouses. We meet our office co-workers daily and we greet them daily. A good morning, a how are you, and a good evening etc., if someone doesn’t eat we ask them “why are you not eating”. These are usual office etiquettes, but what happens to these manners at home?

In many families, the husband does not call his wife even once to check if she has had her food or not. Sometimes we trust our partners so much that we take their emotions for granted. I have seen many posts circulating ”say positive words to your kids, appreciate their work, encourage them etc.” but never seen such statement for a mother?

A Mother’s Reality

A woman becomes a mother when a baby is born. As the baby grows and learns, so does she. Nobody is born a mother; a mother also grows with baby. She also learns and develops and becomes superwoman.

Life is very simple but we ourselves make it complicated. Most of the times, a mother is frustrated, not because she has to do household chores but because she is not acknowledged for her effort.

How much time does it take to tell “I love you, you made make my life easy”? Give a hug? Few seconds.

“How are you?’, “Do you need rest or some tea?”, “Is there anything else you want to do apart from being a mother?”, “Did you have you lunch, dinner etc?”, “Why don’t you go out and enjoy today?“.

When a husband says these little things, her mind and heart light up. A happy kid can be raised only by a happy mother. No one realizes the powerful impact of appreciation in her life. It abolishes her frustration, helps her to overcome depression, keeps her active and calm. It also lowers her anxiety to know “where I stand?” which she keeps asking herself every now and then. It helps her to raise a stress-free child and thus a calm adult. After all, kids reflect their parents. Sharing work helps a lot but sharing her emotions and showing gratitude makes her feel valued. She becomes cheerful. Her self-esteem increases and makes her more optimistic.

I know most of the husbands love their wives but usually they don’t express it. They know she is strong and she can manage but still she is a human being, she deserves love and care.

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