It’s Holi (Dhuleti!)  today. Playing with colours is the funnest part of Holi. (Apart from eating gujjiyas and small popcorn chivda!) At my parents’ place, I was the only one who used to play Holi. Mom was asthmatic so never used to play. Dad and brother used to hate the concept of putting colours on their faces and arms and legs and so never played Holi. I used to get out of the house by 9 in the morning and come back only by 3 in the afternoon. Ma used to have a tough time removing the colours from my hair and the clothes I used to wear would just get thrown away. As a teenager and in my early twenties, I never bothered about my skin and hair when I went playing Holi. But for the past few years, (I am getting older!) I take some basic precautions while playing Holi. And I do the same with R.
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1. Avoid pakka (permanent) colours
2. Always oil the body parts exposed to the colours – face, neck (We often neglect the neck), arms, hands, palms, and feet (this is also a part which is never taken care of!)
3. Play with plain water. Avoid usage of colour water
4. Oil the hair well and tie a tight plait or pony or tie a bandanna or duppatta to the hair
5. Avoid applying colours to the hair because taking oil out of the scalp is the toughest thing to do
6. Apply oil/ vitamin E based oil to the nails so that they dont get coloured
7. Wash hair with shampoo and then apply a mild conditioner so that it doesn’t become too dry
8. Avoid using soap directly on the skin. Remove the colour with water as much as possible and then take a mixture of chickpea flour, turmeric and curd and rub it on the body to remove the colour. Then use mild soap for very hard colour stains
9. Wear full sleeve shirts and pants to avoid the colour from touching body parts
One of the articles online I found really useful was this which tells us how to prepare for Holi using natural ingredients.
Happy Holi to all our readers. Be Safe and Play Carefully!
featured image: National Geographic Holi Images

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