This one came with the set of 8 which we had ordered from Pratham Books for R earlier during her birthday.

I love this book. I love it for its simplicity, I love it for its lack of a actual story line and I love it for its illustrations. I love it for the simple techniques it teaches children,I love it for its pracicality and I love it because its talks about a box which could have anything in it.

Gulli is a little boy who has a big brown box of things. What all can be inside that box is left to your imagination. I imagined a lot of things including shoe strings and iron nails.

Gulli helps his grand father, the uncle who cooks in his house and his grandmother with the help of things in the box.

Simple language, lovely illustrations and more importantly, the story line which teaches you that you don’t need to look far for solutions and yet giving some titbits in science!

Loved loved loved the book. and oh R and I love to pronounce the name of the author together – Anupama Ajinkya Apte..Isn’t that the sweetest name 🙂

Definitely a hit in the R household.

Go on and get it.


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