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We have tried again and again and again. Keeping those kids away from the smartphones and tabs is almost impossible. So as a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and not merely kill time. Grandma’s Great Gourd is one such app that brings alive an age-old and timeless folk tale.

I went on at a considerable length explaining the benefits of story telling in one of the past app reviews here. Now, folk tales do have their place in literature. They are the ones you grandma heard from her grandmother. They are the ones with proverbs and some life lessons. They are the ones that take you to a faraway place and way back in time. They stretch imagination with talking animals, giants, dwarfs, prince and princess. They are the ones which prove that centuries may pass, but human emotions and behavior sees little change.

The app Grandma’s Great gourd, tells a Bengali folk tale about, well, an old lady and her gourd. We all know about that clever grandma who successfully fooled the tiger, bear and fox and saved her life. She is our hero here. It’s about her adventure. It’s about a journey she has to make to meet her daughter and the hurdles on the way. It’s about how, though physically old and weak she uses her brain to outsmart the hungry animals wanting to eat her. And when she has run out of ideas, she has her loyal pets who come to her rescue.

This story is beautifully animated and narrated by the app. It has four major features


You have options of read  it yourself or read it to me. It has an original music score and voice over by award-winning composer and voice artist Kamala Sankaram. The pace is slow and helps kids learn words and understand conversations. Yes! It helps build vocabulary and introduces literary elements like alliteration and onomatopoeia. An older child can read it by himself or herself.


You can also record yourself to the narration and hear the whole story in your voice!! Yes with the app, mamma can still be the one telling that story and for a change it could be the elder sister, aunt or the child itself narrating the story. It could also be in your own mother tongue! So go ahead and give the story some personal touch!


It come with the game Roll Grandma. It has multiple levels and has been so much fun. I find myself setting angles and rolling grandma to see how far she goes! This game inspired by the story was apparently created with STEM input from educators. and the next feature only makes this app better


It is very informative about South Asia, its culture, food and much more. Here you can learn the how to say grandma in different languages and learn about animals in Sunderbans. Figure out how to wear a sari, learn about Alpona and make some Puffed Rice Stars


  1. One time download and no in app purchases
  2. Once downloaded, the app works offline
  3. Customization (I know I am repeating it but I just love that feature)
  4. Educational and entertaining at the same time


  1. You might just get addicted to that game of rolling grandma

Since clearly the pros outweigh the cons, go ahead and download this app and take that trip to Grandma’s World. I highly recommend the app!!

GRANDMA’s GREAT GOURD  is available on both Android and iOS.

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