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Welcome to Indian Moms  Connect. This is a space  for parents, grand parents, uncles, aunties or any one who wants to share their views on parenting. Whether you are a parent or carer, you are more than welcome to browse, contribute and share your opinions at this website!

About the Sections in the Website


This includes all kinds of recipes – postpartum, finger foods, breakfast, lunch, snack ideas, sneaking vegetables for fussy eaters, festival recipes, and even starting solids for your child


With kids moving away from  books, we are trying to bring book reading back by reviewing story books for children as well as education related books and websites. We also try and review parenting books, and sometimes write stories you can entertain your little ones with. Looking for more? Read reviews of other books that we have our noses buried in. We review movies apt for kids and tried and tested apps which you can be assured that your children can play with!


Whatever you say, we put in the form of interviews and articles. Whether it is parents sharing their parenting techniques and perspectives, or giving us answers direct dil se,(straight from the heart) we put it all up. We also have parents who answer questions about raising kids from potty training to sneaking in vegetables for children 🙂


Which is what our website wants to provide a platform for! You can talk to our inhouse experts Dr. P (a practicing paediatrician) about your queries regarding your child’s health or D (a practicing CA) who give sound investment ideas for the little ones’ futures. Whether it is breastfeeding or starting solids, whether it’s about your toddler or sharing what science tells us about raising children, we cover it all. From tech reviews of child friendly apps and websites, to staying fit as a parent, our parenting category includes all of these. Don’t forget to check out our interesting finds where we post what we find interesting from the real and virtual worlds from places to products to recipes and more.


We have the amazing IMC Marketplace where you can shop for creations by entrepreneurs who are often moms!

Treasure Box

Every month, we handpick books for kids, create crafts around those books, and share a relevant recipe and app suggestion, pack it all in a box and send it to the little ones! Subscribe to the IMC’s Treasure Box which opens up an entire world of reading, creating, crafting and cooking along with playing to your kids!


From time to time, we run giveaways on our site of books and a lot more! Check out our giveaways page for more information!

And of course, you can browse through our Start Here section to answer your questions, or contribute with us. Learn more about the team or our mission statement.

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