Storage closets, wardrobes, dressing tables, vanities were all alien words to me until I reached the U.S. Like all middle class Indian families, we had the standard Godrej Bero. As a matter of fact, my mom and mother-in-law are still proud owners of those beauties. A single 900 mm x 507 mm x 1950 mm almirah with a dedicated shelf for each family member could house the entire garment collection of the family! And a bonus surprise – it had a safe too!

I still wonder how I had just one bero shelf for my entire school life. All clothes neatly pressed and racked! No hangers (what?).  Clothes that are rarely used or too old to fight its space in the bero were packed away in suitcases that took refuge in the loft.

When I came to US after I got married, those small rooms called ‘closets’ amused me. A room bigger than five godrej beros but a namesake shelf? Are you kidding me? It took some time to get used to hangers and the western wardrobe style. I started to miss the cupboards and bero. After my kiddo was born, I felt the need for it very badly. I slowly started exploring the closet or wardrobe organizers and it opened up a new world. Thanks to Better Homes, Garden and Good Housekeeping magazines, I got my home organized really well. Then course, Pinterest came along and provided zillions of ideas.

Okay, so what’s this post all about? No, I am not going to compare the wardrobes of the two worlds. Today I am just going to share some of the closet organizers that I chose to use instead of spending on ready-made or custom tailored closet systems. I love these as they save tons of space, improve efficiency and save a lot of time.

Simply get lots of hangers and save space and time

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

  • Use multiple hangers if you can sort them by category.
  • Use hangers with loops for scarves,belts,ties, etc.
  • Color code hangers to segregate them by members/usage.

Shelf Dividers are Godsends


If you have at least one shelf in closet, and in case you are ready to spend time on folding rarely used clothes, then these shelf dividers help accommodate more (than you could normally stack without them) and avoids them sliding/toppling!

Hanging shelves for smaller items

These are great choices for inner wear, baby/toddler clothes. Some have draws with partitions for the smaller items of the closet.

Organizer Shelves and Storage Cubes


Invest in some organizer shelves and storage cubes for items that you neither have space to hang nor time to fold (like towels, purses,wash clothes, etc.) These shelves help create additional storage below the hanging shelves/clothes.

Pocket Organizers

These organizers are a great solution for the loose/small items. You can use them to store accessories (Like nail polish,rings,earrings,watches,hair clips), socks, belts, ties, handkerchiefs, earphones, coins and many more. Some are designed especially for handbags.

Office Supplies

You will be surprised to see how office supplies (clear Boxes, bins, tissue holder, file holders) can help you customize your closet with minimal effort and money.

Tips to get organized

Organizing is a skill and staying organized is a practice! Here are some tips to help you put your help your closets stay away from clutter.

  • Put away off-season clothes, additional bedding (comforters, pillows &and sheets) in boxes/suitcases/vacuum storage covers and stow them at higher shelves or under the bed.
  • We all secretly stock those clothes that we no longer use, because they are old/faded/torn/needs alteration or simply because it does not feel right. Make sure to bid adieu to them.
  • We all outgrow our clothes- some more frequently than others (especially kids). Resell those clothes when they are still usable or Donate them.Do you like our ideas? Share some of your own in the comments section below!

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