FAQs for Indian Moms Connect – Parenting Blog and Online Community

Here are some common questions visitors and members often ask us:

1- What is Indian Moms Connect or IMC?

The Indian Moms Connect (IMC), an Indian Parenting Blog and Community was created to provide an avenue for mothers to share experiences and stories on topics related to parenting, motherhood and children. The community started by mothers who are Indian/Indian origin brings together mothers from around the globe to share information, stories and experiences of bringing up children confidently.

IMC has been a support to mothers through discussions, parenting resources and information for the last five years and is steadily growing its membership base.

 You can read more at the About IMC page.

2-How is IMC different from other parenting or mother related sites?

IMC is different from other top Indian Mommy Blogs. It is a niche community of Indian mothers spread across the globe discussing specific cultural aspects of parenting as well as parenting in general. We share our real experiences and what we have learnt along the way with a global perspective but grounded in an Indian background. It is an authentic space by moms for moms.

3-How do I become a member?

1. Register at the site here :http://www.indianmomsconnect.com/wp-login.php?action=register

2. Registering with us will enable you to share your story with us via a blog post as well as keep you in the know of the happenings at IMC and be a part of our growing community.

4- Does it cost to become a member?

No. membership to IMC is free

5- Can dads become part of IMC?

Yes, dads are very welcome to join IMC and share their experiences.

Here are some Dads who have contributed :

Work at Home Dad – Five Questions Wednesday

Five Questions Wednesday – Hitchy

6- How do I keep in touch with IMC?

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter ‘IMC Conversations’.

Like Us on Facebook.

Follow Us on Twitter.

Follow Us on Pinterest.

7- How do I contribute to IMC?

 Register at Indian Moms Connect and start writing!

8- What kind of articles do you expect? Are there any restrictions?

You can write about anything that takes your fancy that is relevant to a parenting community.

We will review it to make sure it is indeed appropriate to our audience. But feel free to let your thoughts flow.

Our Publishing Guidelines can be downloaded here. 

9- What age group of children does IMC cater to?

We have information mainly in the newborn to toddler to young kids category.

We are looking for mothers of teenagers and pre-teens and adult children to contribute to complete the whole spectrum.

10- I am a mom with an adult child can I join IMC?

Yes, you are very welcome to join IMC and share your experiences. In fact we are looking for someone just like you!

11-Is IMC open to advertising?

Yes, IMC is open to advertising. Please read our ‘Advertise with Us’  section on our homepage

12-Do you get paid for products listed on Interesting Find?

No. Interesting Find is for things we find interesting. They may be products, places, or recipes, i.e.anything that catches a mother’s fancy.We don’t endorse any product or company through it.

Please read our ‘Disclosure Policy‘.

13- I have a topic/question, how do I share it on IMC?

Don’t hesitate shoot us an email at : indianmomsconnect@gmail.com. We will get back to you! We love to hear from our readers and contributors!




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