Diwali, the festival of lights, the biggest festival of Hindus all around the world and it does not need any further explanation. We all enjoy the lights, diyas, food, sweets, new clothes, crackers, rangolis, Laxmi pooja and everything about Diwali.

My son is 20 months old and 2016 is his second Diwali. Last year, he was too young for themed activities. This year, I wanted him to experience the festival and also make the festival a learning experience for him. I was so excited to set up the Montessori shelf for him spotlighting on Diwali. He keeps coming back to the shelf and asks for “ativity’, his version of saying activities!

The activities that I have designed, weave the cultures and traditions of the five days of the festival, along with the Montessori principles and key areas of skill development. It is a great learning opportunity for children and opens a diverse new world to them.
Have a look at my son’s shelf and I am sure you can pick up some activity ideas for your child as well. Do share what  activities you do with your toddler to get into the holiday spirit. Let the children soak in the festive spirit!

A Very Happy Diwali & a prosperous New Year to all of you!

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