Genius Kids On A Mission by Ekta Bhatnagar is perfect for kids age group 7+. This book contains two stories, and each story is in a chapter form. If your child is transitioning to a chapter book, this would be a good bet.

IMC spoke to the author of this book,  Ekta Bhatnagar


IMC: What made you write the book?

Ekta: As a child I was fortunate enough to be in a school and have great teachers who would encourage us to observe and write short stories by using our imagination. This became a habit over the years. If I see or hear anything interesting, my mind goes into thinking if it can be made into a story. The idea for Genius kids on a mission came to me when I was at a grocery store. I eavesdropped on two genius kids discussing their day to day problems with their little sister and parents. It was such an interesting conversation that I immediately thought of writing a story on it.The other story comes in on a personal level when my own parents forbid me to eat non-veg during some days. We were naive to have done what was told, but today’s children are inquisitive and want a reason for everything.

IMC: I see that these stories also share a message to the parents. Did you plan the stories to be structured like that?
Ekta: There was no plan as such.But while I was writing the story I wrote it from the perspective of a child and sometimes thought as a parent too as to how I would tackle such situations if my kid behaves like this.

IMC: As a mother how do you personally handle when you have to say “No” to certain things to your child.
Ekta: My daughter is 2 years old and I have to say ‘No’ to her hundred times in a day. Even her favorite word has become ‘Nahi’ (No) for almost everything. I try to make it as positive as can be. Like, if I am saying no to her for not hitting our pet dog. I show her how she can play with her and have fun instead of hitting her. Sometimes, you have no other option as to say a firm ‘No’, not once but many times.

IMC: What’s the next mission?  When can we expect your next book?
Ekta: Currently my mission is to take care of a hyperactive toddler and a lazy but always hungry pet dog. Hopefully the next story will be out soon. Ideas crop up all the time, but not all ideas can be turned into great stories. I am always on the lookout for something interesting and eavesdropping is one of my favorite pass time. 🙂

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