About Dada’s Useless Present

Dada’s Useless Present by Nalini Sorensen and illustrated by Allen Shaw is a book for children of ages 4 years and above.

The story is about a 82-year old grandfather who gets a seemingly ‘useless present’ for his birthday.

The Plot

When Dada who celebrates his 82nd birthday gets a present from his son, he considers it useless. But over the next few days, he realizes the various uses of the “useless” present. And  he puts into use the thoughtful gift that was given to him.

The Highlights

Reading this book reminded me of my own grandmother a lot. When Dada refuses the walking stick presented to him, I was thinking about my granny. At 90, she obstinately believes that she’s still the younger person she once was.

When I read this book with the kids, it made them ponder about how a simple walking stick can be put to use in so many different ways. Be it for operating the TV when the remote doesn’t work or using it to dusting the carpet or using it to play tic-tac-toe in the garden or even saving the brother from a freak fall by catching him by the collar, the uses of the walking stick were at once both innovative and hilarious.

As we read the book, we looked up at various things in the house and had fun thinking through various uses that it can be put to.

The illustrations by Allen Shaw are beautiful and colorful and brought to life the house and the garden.

On the whole, we really enjoyed reading this book.

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