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Indian Moms Connect (“IMC” or “We”)  encourage your comments on our posts, different initiatives like the IMC book club and general comments on our website. The Indian Moms Connect community was created to  provide an avenue to mothers  to share experiences and stories on topics related to parenting,motherhood and children. It is a positive space and so we have a simple commenting policy-

Please do not:

– Use offensive and abusive  language. This is out of bounds

– Get personal in a negative way.  A healthy debate is very welcome

–  Use racist comments or comments against any caste, creed, nationality or sexuality

–  Leave comments promoting your product or business. These will be deleted and removed

Please keep in mind that comments not following these rules will be deleted and removed by our moderator. Indian Moms Connect or IMC reserves the right to delete user’s access if violation continues

Published January, 2013


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