It’s high time that we need to lead a sustainable lifestyle and save the Earth for future generations. But I agree, it’s not easy and living a sustainable lifestyle comes with its fair share of challenges. Just take an example of laundry detergent.  When you go to laundry aisle in the grocery store, you will find different soaps, and it’s hard to locate the one that caters to your needs. Laundry detergent’s job is not just about cleaning and removing stains, they also need to provide freshness and fragrance to your clothes too. Also, there are different types of laundry detergents like liquids, powder, pods, etc.  But are they all environmental friendly?

Green Products

First, let’s understand what green products are. iSustainableEarth defines it clearly. Here is a key point from their definition list – Green products are Free of Ozone depleting chemicals, toxic compounds and don’t produce toxic by-products. When it comes to laundry detergents, Cleancult is one such non-toxic product that combines cleaning, stain removal, and brighteners, a 3 in 1 laundry detergent pod.

When they sent me the box, I was more than happy to try it out. I have been using it for than a month now, and I love the product.  The clothes are clean, and the very fact that it is non-toxic makes me feel happy. It is my tiny step towards a green earth makes me feel proud.


What is Cleancult and how does it work?

It is an effective non-toxic laundry detergent pod that works fine with all washes be it top-loader, side-loader. It is approved for use in Standard and HE Machines. One load of laundry requires One Cleancult pod, and the pod dissolves  in all water temperatures completely.  It is a gentle detergent and is free of Chlorines, Optical Brighteners, Dyes, and Phosphates and is maade of naturally derived ingredients.We always look for ingredients that go into our food, but why not on detergents and other stuff? Check out the ingredients that go into the Cleancult pods here.

Where to Purchase?

Not in stores. 🙂 They deliver directly to the customers via their subscription model. No retailers or distributors are involved. There are no middlemen involved, and that’s one big reason why they can provide high-quality product also that’s their secret behind ingredient transparency.
So enjoy the direct consumer model. All you have to do is go to their website and select the quantity and delivery frequency, and you are all set.

Don’t forget to scratch the laundry detergent from your grocery shopping list. Let’s move towards green products and make our earth the safe and better place.

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