Holiday season rolls around and we start wondering – Are there any standard protocols for Christmas gifts to school teachers and other folks who help our children?  What to give them and how to give them? We know these are a lot of questions, but I bet every mom will have this issue during the initial school years of their kids.

Moms who have been there and done that share their views  on how to give the gift, send it with your child or you hand it over?

Ani, mom of two, says,

It depends on the age of your child.

If your child is a toddler or elementary school goer who can’t express themselves comfortably, then as a parent I would prefer to meet the staff on last day before winter break to wish them Happy Holidays and give them the gift. The bonus point is you can give them a warm hug and thank them in person.

If your child is a middle or high school goer, better to stop with paying for the gift. They will figure out the rest 🙂 If you like to meet them in person, then the last day before winter break during pickup would be a better time to meet. My strong feeling is a personal touch always adds more magic to these moments.

Maya mother of twins says,

I am not sure about the protocol, but I generally gift the teachers and the bus driver during Christmas time. We, as a group of parents whose children travel by the school bus, collect a specific amount from all the parents and buy a gift card for the accumulated amount. For the teachers though, I ask the kids what their teachers will prefer and either buy or make something by hand and send it across with the children itself.

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Srividhya says,

I don’t follow any protocol as such. There are years where I have missed presenting these gifts too. I usually buy some small gifts like candles, coffee mugs, chocolates, coffee mixes and send it along with the kid. I often give the last day before Christmas break.  As the kiddo felt more happy to give the gift by himself, I usually send the gifts with the kiddo.

Preethi says,

In preschool, I have pooled money with other moms and we usually get coffee shop gift cards and some candles or candy for each teacher. We leave it with the principal and she handed them out. That was their protocol.  In Kindergarten last year, we pooled again and gave a gift card to the teachers, another mom handled it so I did not have to worry. Now this year, I am probably going to send the gift with my daughter to hand over to her teachers.

Favorite Gift Idea

Gift Cards  – They work the best. Target /World Market/ Coffee shops, The teachers can use it for something cool for themselves. Paired with a hand-made card from your little one  and some candy should work wonders.

What do you all do? Share with us in the comments!

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