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What Shall I Wear Today? written by Natasha Sharma and superbly illustrated by Tanvi Choudhury is a delightful book about a little girl who has the usual everyday problem we all face, what to wear.

I love Natasha Sharma’s writing as she takes up this daily issue and converts it into a delightful read. The little girl tries all sorts of clothes from her wardrobe but each gives her some trouble or the other! Whether it’s lengha choli or pant and shirt. What does she finally end up wearing, is what the book is all about!

What Shall I Wear Today?, Pratham Books

Natasha Sharma uses simple words with a poetic feel to the sentences. I could so relate to the shirt buttons troubling, pants being tight, chudidar not going up and the zari irritating! She has captured the nuances of the clothes and their issues too well 🙂

And the illustrations are truly awesome. Tanvi Choudhury could actually go on to be a fashion designer. The color combinations and little details like threads to the pyjama or design on the choli are so noteworthy. The brat even noted the changes in the expression of the little girl as she tries to figure out what to wear.

The 6 yo in the house laughed after reading it saying Amma this always happens to me na!

Much liked in our household.

Pratham Books Classifies this book as Reading Level :2
Level 2: Learning to Read For children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help


What Shall I Wear Today?, Pratham Books

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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