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Rani’s First Day at School written by Cheryl Rao and illustrated by Mayur Mistry, published by Pratham Books is a book about a little girl Rani who is going to school for the first time.

Rani’ s mother is taking her to school and she feels like a grown up. She asks her mother to leave her hand. But as she nears school, she starts getting apprehensive and overwhelmed by the hustle bustle near school. Does she step in? How does she overcome her fear and what does she do afterwards?

Rani's First Day at School, Pratham Books

The book aptly captures the mood of a child going to school for the first time. It’s a book to be definitely read aloud to a kindergarten going kid as it will make them realise that all kids have some hesitation going alone for the first time and that is absolutely normal 🙂 the language is easy enough for kids to read on their own.

Rani's First Day at School, Pratham Books

Illustrations are apt for the text and I loved the Indianness of the figures. The colourful sarees, scooters, old uncle in dhotis all make the story come alive. Rani’s facial expressions are so wonderfully depicted.

The book would be a lovely read aloud on a child’s first day at school.

Pratham classifies this book as Reading Level :1
Level 1: Beginning to Read / Read Aloud For very young children who are eager to begin reading and listening to stories

Disclaimer: This book was sent to IMC by the publisher. IMC has not received any remuneration for this review.

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