Growing up, listening to stories from our grandparents and parents was how most of us learnt about Indian mythology. These stories made the Divine seem human and almost friend-like. I guess that is why we love them, celebrate them and want to share them with our kids.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy of Nosey Trunk combines such stories with her love for rhymes & Dr Seuss books to come up with these 2 children’s books on mythology – The Golden Mango and A Head of a Tale. 

Ganesha books

Book 1 – The Golden Mango

Most of you may be familiar with this story in which Ganesha and Karthikeya compete for the golden mango. The one who wins, gets to have the whole mango! Well, unlike those days, parents nowadays have to go above and beyond to teach kids about sharing. Keeping this in mind, the Author slightly alters this story so as to fly with the sentiments of today’s nuclear families.

Here is a peek into how the book illustrates this family dynamic 🙂

golden mango

My 5 year old remembers this as the first Ganesha story that I read to her a couple of years ago. She was excited to read this version and yes, she seemed pretty happy with the twist in the tale!

Book 2 – A Head of A Tale

This book really caught my attention, mainly because of the title. Talking about Ganesha, and a head, any guesses as to what the story is about…!

Head of a Tale

While we may be aware of these stories and their significance, how do we tell them to our kids? Telling them in a manner they can relate to is what story-telling is all about. And that is why, I really enjoyed the author’s portrayal of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha in this beautifully illustrated story. She makes them seem like ordinary parents dealing with a child. Well isn’t that the best way for any child to relate to a story!

Kudos to Ranjani and Nosey Trunk for bringing out these two Ganesha stories, in a fun and child-like manner that both kids and parents are sure to enjoy!

And lastly, both the books have a coloring page as an added bonus at the end of the story! So go ahead and get these books from Nosey Trunk !

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