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Don’t we all love celebrating special days? Not just birthdays but also special days like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Guy Fawkes Day and so on. These days aren’t only public holidays but they’re also days designed to make us feel appreciated and special. As a mother, I love it when it is mother’s day. The kids prepare a few surprises and make sure to treat me to a whole day filled with fun activities. So, why is it that we celebrate every other day like Grandparent’s Day and Father’s Day but not Children’s Day?

Many parents leave Children’s Day to the responsibility of the school faculty. I personally, love treating my children to some tasty treats like a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar or my daughter’s favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle.

Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you make your child feel loved and surprised

Cadbury Dairy Milk


Children love chocolates, right? And a few adults do too! The thing about children is that they love being showered with gifts and what they love it, even more, when their parents behave like them instead of being their usual strict selves. With Cadbury’s diverse range of chocolate bars, there’s something special for every child. Whether it’s a crunch Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle or a creamy Cadbury Silk Oreo, you can make your child’s Children’s Day all the more special.


Do you love reading books to your child? Do you have a special reading time? I have one with my kids and I cannot stress how stronger it has made our bond. This Children’s Day, you can gift a book to your child and help them feel special and loved. Not only will it be a memorable day but they will also learn new things.

Toka Box

Toka Box is a great subscription box that has programs, activities, and books catered to different age groups. I made sure that both my daughter and son enjoy the Toka Box. My daughter loved reading the wide range of books while my son thoroughly enjoyed the crafting project.

A New Experience

Gifts like books, toys, and clothes are wonderful, but a little overdone at times, don’t you agree? How about giving your child a new experience? This Children’s Day, you can take your child to try a new experience like roller skating, hiking, or maybe skiing.

Make a Mess

As parents, it’s our everyday habit to ensure that our kids don’t make a mess, right? Well, put a twist on your everyday habit by making a mess with your child. Get your hands dirty this Children’s Day by making ‘Slime’ and helping your kids get a new experience with you.

Build a Robot

Robots are quite fun to play with especially for young kids. You can get your own DIY Robot kit and build a robot with your children. Once you assemble the robot, you can control the robot with your child or shoot discs.

Play Sports

Kids love playing sports and enjoy a fun-filled day at the park. You can get your children to play a fun sports activity followed by a hearty picnic in the park. Not only will it be a day to bask in the sun but it will also give you a chance to connect with your children.

Play Dress Up

Remember when you were a little and you would try on your mother’s makeup or dresses? Or how about when you’d put on fun costumes for a school play? This is probably the best activity that many kids enjoy. You can have a fun dress up day with your children on Children’s Day. You could even organize your own little fashion show.

Water Park or Theme Park

This Children’s Day, you can treat your children to a fun day at the water park or theme park. Your children will love the fun rides and the sumptuous food. Not only will this make them feel special but it will also give them a chance to spend time with you.

House Party

Children’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend the day only with just your children. You can get their friends together for a little party. Organise a few team games and some fun activities. You can help your children learn how to play team games and how they should behave with other children.

In the End

While there are many gift ideas to make your child’s Children’s Day amazing, but in my personal opinion, there’s nothing better than a large Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. Not only will your children love the tasty treat but they’ll also relish the thought behind the wonderful gift!

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