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The Indelible Mark of Marks: Will the Bournvita Exam Sale Video Change Our Mindset?


Now that exams are in full swing, did you watch the Bournvita Exam Sale Video that went viral recently? Watch the video above before reading further. SPOILERS AHEAD! The video features a clearance sale a week before exams, where students are selling their hobby artifacts for free because their parents feel that scoring marks is…

New Age Parenting Done Right! {Sponsored Post}

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We are a generation of millennials. The way our parents brought us up is very different from our new age parenting philosophies. We belong to the generation that rose beyond unconventional opportunities. We tread less conventional career paths than our parents. Today we are among the ever-so-busy parents ourselves. In the early 1980s and 1990s, limited options…

Early Puberty in Kids

Early Puberty

Most of us are familiar with the physical signs of puberty, like hair growing in different places, breast development and menstruation in girls and voice changes in boys. What is Puberty? Puberty actually begins when the brain, in an area known as the hypothalamus, begins releasing gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or GnRH. The hormone then travels to…