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India’s First Companion Robot for Children is here!

Miko - India's first companion Robot

Have you noticed little kids and the Roomba, the little robotic vacuum cleaner? My daughter loves the vacuum cleaner, calls it roomby affectionately, chases it and informs me if “he” has “eaten” anything that has caused “him” to stop. “Roomba!”, she will say with her hands on her hips “I have told you a million


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Grandma’s Great Gourd – A Trickster Tale


GRANDMA’s GREAT GOURD  Android  iOS       We have tried again and again and again. Keeping those kids away from the smartphones and tabs is almost impossible. So as a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and


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Fun Educational Apps From Tivola


In today’s world, mobile phones and games are part and parcel of our life.  Be it Android or iOS, there are a lot of games for kids out there in the App store. As a mom, I always look out for interesting apps that are fun and at the same time that teach something to


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Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our


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Enjoy Learning with CG Slate – Innovative Educational Tablet

Child on Tabet

This is a sponsored post Can your son read? Can he say the numbers from 1 till 100? Does he sit and do his homework willingly? Honestly as a mother of a 4 yr old I am, at most times, overwhelmed with all the talk about education for kids. Sure I want a good education for my


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The Very Beginning of Reading For Your 5 And 6 Year Olds

sight words

Reading starts way before children recognize the alphabet. It starts when they are read to, aloud and they hear the sounds of words, strung together to make sentences. I don’t remember when I learnt to read, when the words in front of me in the many Amar Chitra Kathas and Tinkles my mom read to


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Storytime App – The Place To Go To For Stories For Kids!

storytime girl

My older one is seven years but she still refuses to sleep without hearing a story! Earlier, we would read books and she would be satisfied, but lack of space and finances apart from the fact that she started reading chapter books, made me stop buying pictures books for her. So now, everyday night, I


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List Your Grocery – App Review


I usually write a big grocery list and stick it on my fridge but just before going shopping I forget it and come back from shopping missing, at least two to three items and loads of unwanted items. Then I started using notes in my phone but then sharing it with my hubby was difficult.


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Let’s Celebrate This Festive Season Together


You cannot think about a party without invitations these days, especially evite’s invitations. For me, evite is the synonym for electronic invitations. I use it not only for birthday parties but also for the Navratri Golu invite and of course, for Diwali parties. Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. It brings back fond memories of my native town and


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Interesting Find: Brain Yoga App


I’m an avid ‘apper’. By that I mean I love trying new apps from time to time. I happily try the FREE ones. I recently came across this app called ‘Brain Yoga’. This ‘Brain Yoga App’ is my daily workout for the brain. In the free version you get different but limited games to sharpen your brain


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Dinosaur Train – Book and Video Review


“Elasmosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pternodon” When kiddo was telling me these names I was wondering what these are about.  “These are different dinosaur species, Amma” said the little one excitedly!  They were teaching about dinosaurs in kiddo’s school and he was explaining all about these species and it was very interesting. The kiddo of mine knew what I would


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App Review: Talkative Parents

talkative parents

This is a sponsored post. In today’s world, we all need to be connected. And we all ARE connected. As parents, we often have faith only in other parents. Especially when it comes to our child’s studies and extra-curricular activities. We all are in the look out for opinions and suggestions. What was done in


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App Review: Bulbul App

Bulbul App

This is a sponsored post. Be it kids or adults – Books are good companions. Buying books and building a physical library of our own is really difficult. In the current mobile era these book library apps come in handy and provide us various books. Bulbul apps is one among them and is rated as


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Child Nutrition and Cooking – Course Overview


These are my personal opinion and I have not received any remuneration for these. Coursera and Udemy are my go to sites these days. These online courses make learning and our life easy. When I was browsing the courses in coursera, I found this course called “Child Nutrition and Cooking”  offered by Stanford University. It


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Wooden Baby Beds and Cribs from Wudplay in India

wudplay crib

This is a Sponsored Post written by our writer Geeta. As a doting parent you never want to take a chance on your baby’s health and safety. Be it in case of regular immunizations, pediatrician visits, healthy food, hygiene and even safe, eco-friendly toys and furniture. When it comes to baby furniture, baby crib or baby