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Waffles Dosa | Millet Recipes


Waffles dosa is a no secret recipe. It’s same old millet dosa batter with few veggies. Instead of preparing the dosa in the regular tawa, I prepared the dosa using the waffle maker and tada, waffle dosa is ready. All we want is the kids to sit and eat a healthy and a proper meal.


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Eggless 1 Minute Microwave Cookies


It’s the holiday season and holiday season calls for baking. Before getting into some traditional baking for this season, how about some simple microwave ones? Here comes the Eggless 1 minute Microwave cookies. This is a simple eggless soft chewy cookie that can be whipped up within 5 minutes.  You can prepare fresh cookies everyday with different


Diabetic Friendly Recipes, Quick N Easy, Recipes, Snack

Recipe for Gestational Diabetes – Puffed Barley Chaat


Puffed Barley Masala Snack – our first diabetic friendly recipe. A diabetic diet is a simple healthy meal that will help you control your blood sugar. You diet should include healthy carbs and fiber rich food. It also advised to avoid saturated and Trans fat and also sodium. Eating food at regular interval helps to


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Tiranga Popsicle | Independence Day Special


We are going to celebrate our 70th Independence day this Monday. Here is a special, kids friendly recipe to celebrate the occasion – Tiranga Popsicle or Tri Color popsicle. Let the kids learn about our Flag and the color significance via this recipe. So before getting into the recipe, let me share some interesting facts


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Make Ice-Cream at Home this Weekend!


Here is the recipe for rich and creamy and smooth and silky homemade custard ice cream with tutti frutti, oh yes without ice-cream maker. It uses both heavy cream and regular milk which adds to the creamy texture. This is a single churn ice-cream. It feels like just yesterday I wrote this post about Vaandu’s


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Yummy Way To Use Zucchini – Make A Pakora


Zucchini Pakoras are perfect tea time snacks or party/potluck appetizers prepared with zucchini, onions and chick pea flour combined with other spices. It’s a quick fried snack that can be prepared under 30 minutes. In Tamil, zucchinis are known as Seemai Suraikai. Zucchini is versatile veggie like potatoes and it aptly fits in any cuisine.


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Baking with Kids: Lemon-glazed Eggless ‘Coffee-Cake’


So there is this ice storm in the US East Coast and looks like we may be snowed in for a 3 day-long weekend! Snow is fun and all at first sight, but after the initial excitement of playing with snowballs and making her very own ‘Olaf’, when we get back home, my four year-old starts


Its been a long time since I contributed to IMC and a lot has changed, and am so glad to see how far IMC has come 🙂 Proud proud! This Diwali, like always, there was debate on what to make at home, what to buy, low-calorie/ diet sweets/ healthy snack etc. Finally I decided to go ahead


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Baked Spicy Shankarpali/ Shankarpaale / Shankarpara – Diwali Special!


Be it any festival, a festival is not  complete without food especially the sweets and savories. All these foods are loaded with calories but during festivals we can’t resist them also. Portion control, a well balanced diet and exercise are very important and during these festivals we need to keep repeating this mantra again and


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Janmashtami Special: Vella Aval Upma / Sweet Poha


We usually prepare this Aval/Poha upma with jaggery for Janmashtami. Why do we prepare this upma with poha? Because Lord Krishna loves poha. 🙂 Yes I would like share the story of Krishna and Sudama. Many of us might know it already but here it is again. The tale of Sudama and Krishna comes from


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Baked Coconut Milk Murukku/Chakli and Thattai – Janmashtami Special


Coconut milk murukku is very famous in Tirunelveli.  The murukku is white and of course, crunchy and loaded with the flavors of coconut milk and oil. I love this murukku and started making the same at home too. But this time I thought, why not bake it instead of frying? Can you believe it’s an under 30 minutes dish?


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Child Nutrition and Cooking – Course Overview


These are my personal opinion and I have not received any remuneration for these. Coursera and Udemy are my go to sites these days. These online courses make learning and our life easy. When I was browsing the courses in coursera, I found this course called “Child Nutrition and Cooking”  offered by Stanford University. It


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Ilai Adai Recipe

Now dig in :)

Ilai adai is a sweet delicacy. To prepare this delicacy, you need few ingredients and tastes very good. It can be prepared with rice powder, grated coconut, gud (vellam), ghee and elaichi powder. But during jackfruit season, you can add the pulp of the jackfruit for additional flavor and taste. Ingredients: 2 glasses of rice



Crispy Vegetable Pakodas!

pakodas on a plate

Vegetable Pakodas! These are the perfect snack we crave for when it raining! Sitting  beside the  window , watching the rain,  having Pakodas with hot chai is always a bliss! This a perfect appetizer for any potlucks .   Here is what you need and how to do it . Enjoy it!    All image


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Homemade Fruit Ice Pops – for Children and Adults alike

orange popsicle

Every summer, my children keep asking for ice cream/ homemade fruit ice pops. Having learnt to make ice cream at home, I prefer to make different flavours and store them in the freezer during the first week of their holidays. This way, their demand for ice creams can be fulfilled instantly and there is no