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Super Simple Braised Baby Potatoes | Healthy Way of Eating Potatoes

braised potatoes

Most kids love potatoes, don’t they! From French fries to tater-torts to hash browns, potatoes are a favorite snack! However, as a mom the unhealthiness of the deep-fried and store bought form is a concern. Well, why not try braising them instead, at home, a better alternative for sure and it does taste super yummy! And what’s more its an…

Yummy Way To Use Zucchini – Make A Pakora


Zucchini Pakoras are perfect tea time snacks or party/potluck appetizers prepared with zucchini, onions and chick pea flour combined with other spices. It’s a quick fried snack that can be prepared under 30 minutes. In Tamil, zucchinis are known as Seemai Suraikai. Zucchini is versatile veggie like potatoes and it aptly fits in any cuisine.…

Instant Bhel


This is a frequent snack in our house and it’s pretty healthy too.   1. Khurmura (in Marathi) Also called Puffed rice in English, Mamara in Gujarati, Mudi in Bengali – 3 Cups 2. Tomatoes  – Medium size 1 – Chopped 3. Potatoes (boiled) – 1 Chopped 4. Onions – Medium size 1 – Chopped…