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Healthy Lunchbox Idea – Foxtail Millet Veggie Oothappam


I’m extremely cautious of packaged foods, their ingredients, preservatives etc. And believe we don’t need junk sauces/ketchups/jams to make healthy foods look attractive and taste good. This Foxtail Millet oothappam recipe  is a good example of colorful, healthy tiffin that my daughter loves. My Recipes This is my first post for IMC and I am looking forward to…

Banana Froyo

Banana Froyo

Banana Froyo is an easy and a perfect summer recipe prepared with frozen bananas and yogurt. Banana is a readily available fruit year around, and this recipe can be made not only during summer but year around too. When you have some excess bananas or ripe bananas, you can peel the skin and put them…