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Shoonya Jungle Animals – An iOS App Review

Shoonya Jungle Animals

This is a sponsored post. Every child is born with the ability to learn any language. It is also true that young children can learn multiple languages at the same time with remarkable ease. Learning multiple languages challenges the brain and improves cognitive and social-emotional development, learning, and the chances for long-term success. I liked the…

Dishwashers and Robomaids – Which ones to buy?

Dishwashers and Robomaids

We have seen dishwashers and robomaids in the past on our website. Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons and several other aspects of Dishwashers and Robomaids, here are some product reviews for both gadgets. Free-Standing Dishwashers Currently, IFB, Samsung, Siemens, LG, Bosch are leading manufacturers of free-standing dishwashing machines. The prices…

What a ‘Dishy’ idea! – Discussing Dishwashers


Jhaadu, Poocha, Bartan Morning Routine The first doorbell of the morning – it’s the newspaper! The second doorbell – it’s the milkman! The third doorbell – it’s the dhobi with freshly laundered clothes! Now, the wait begins for the most important arrival of the day – the HOUSE HELPER! Love her or hate her, she is an integral part…