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What a ‘Dishy’ idea! – Discussing Dishwashers


Jhaadu, Poocha, Bartan Morning Routine The first doorbell of the morning – it’s the newspaper! The second doorbell – it’s the milkman! The third doorbell – it’s the dhobi with freshly laundered clothes! Now, the wait begins for the most important arrival of the day – the HOUSE HELPER! Love her or hate her, she is an integral part


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India’s First Companion Robot for Children is here!

Miko - India's first companion Robot

Have you noticed little kids and the Roomba, the little robotic vacuum cleaner? My daughter loves the vacuum cleaner, calls it roomby affectionately, chases it and informs me if “he” has “eaten” anything that has caused “him” to stop. “Roomba!”, she will say with her hands on her hips “I have told you a million


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Nursing Pillows – Why is it a Breastfeeding Must-Have?

Nursing Pillows

Blessed with twins, my sister was ecstatic when she brought her darlings home. But soon she was complaining that her back hurt and she was tired all the time. She was religiously doing all she had been told at the hospital, but her babies cried all day, did not sleep well and she was exhausted!


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#BuildWithHotWheels Shark Attack – Recipe For A Perfect Play-Date

Hot Wheels Shark Attack

This is a sponsored post What is the recipe for a perfect Hot Wheels playdate?  2 HOT WHEELS CARS ✓ 3 AMAZING TRACK SETS ✓ TRACK CONNECTORS ✓ LOOPS AND GRAVITY CLAMPS ✓ UNDERWATER TERRAIN ✓ ROB’S #BuildWithHotWheels SHARK ATTACK VIDEO Double ✓ It’s about time that our little engineers took the driver seat and created


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Grandma’s Great Gourd – A Trickster Tale


GRANDMA’s GREAT GOURD  Android  iOS       We have tried again and again and again. Keeping those kids away from the smartphones and tabs is almost impossible. So as a mom and aunt, I am always on the lookout of apps that are educational and entertaining. Apps that help them learn as well and


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Grab & Go Breakfast with belVita Biscuits


We all know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Starting our day with a proper breakfast helps in burning the calories throughout the day and it also helps us to focus throughout the day.  With a hectic and crazy morning schedule, most of us ignore breakfast. But how about a


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#BuildWithHotWheels Outerspace Terrain

Rob and #BuildWithHotWheels

This is a sponsored post I have been following DIY-ster Rob’s Hot Wheels video series – I have to confess I am hooked on #BuildWithHotWheels! This time Rob has brought an intergalactic adventure for his fans. In his latest video, the popular kids’ icon is creating an out of this world Hot Wheels terrain. Using


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Product Review: PediaSure is here to save the day!


Morning Battle Its 7:00 am and I have glass full of milk sitting on the table waiting to quench my 5-year-old’s thirst (don’t hold your breath Mr. Glass-Full-Of-Milk, coz this may not happen), well its 9:30 am now and we are still doing the same song and dance (Mr. Glass-Full-Of-Milk gives a long sigh) Sounds


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Once A Skeptic Mom, Now A Diehard Fan of MamaEarth Moisturizing Lotion!

Moisturizing daily lotion for babies

This is a sponsored post. As a mom, I want, demand and get the very best for my child. I carefully choose the food he eats, the clothes he wears; even the tiny socks and gloves are chosen with utmost care. When it comes to his grooming needs or baby gear I always ensure he’s happy


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#BuildWithHotWheels ‘Lava Blaze’ With A Bit Of Creative Play On Top!


This is a sponsored post You know what kids love – CARS! Boys or girls, big or small it doesn’t matter, kids everywhere unanimously love playing with cars, you know what they love even more – Building a story around it! You know what I’m talking about, you, me ,your boss and your boss’s granddad


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Indidoll – A much-needed Product


When there can be barbie dolls, why not Indi dolls? When we heard about this venture from Swapna Bapat of Indidoll, we were super elated and wanted to know more about it. We really loved the concept and we got an opportunity to talk with Team Indidoll. Team Indidoll Before getting into details, we would like to


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10 Toxic Chemicals That You Did Not Know Might Exist In Baby Products

Indina Mom and child

This is a sponsored post Pregnancy is the time we take utmost care of ourselves. We eat right, we breathe right, we sleep right. We know how tender & vulnerable our little one is inside. And, after the baby is born, we rush to the chemists & buy those baby products like soap, shampoo, powder,


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Creativity, Versatility, Learning All In One Toy – #BuildWithHotWheels For Endless Possibilities

Rob with HotWheels

This is a sponsored post How often do you buy toys for your child? If you ask me, I’d say often, very often. At times, weekly and there have been times when I have been convinced (blackmailed) to buy new toys more than once a week. What happens to these toys that we buy so