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Sundar Majhi Ladki (My Darling Beautiful) – Emotions of an Adoptive Mother

Mothers Love

My daughter Maira is a child born from my heart. She didn’t grow within me and yet she is so much a part of me. Her breathe, skin and cell is a part of ME. My darling beautiful adopted daughter – Maira, she is ME. One year has gone and it just feels like yesterday when we were doing our couple tête-à-tête, filling out numerous…

Moms At WorkPlace – Maternity Benefits and Beyond

maternity benefits

  It’s a moment full of hope for working women in India. On September 2, Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women and Child Development, proposed to the Cabinet to increase maternity leave for working women from the present three or six months, to eight months. “Considering the fact that overall public sector employment has declined…