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The Friendship Between a Toddler and his Food

Toddler and food

The dictionary meaning of toddler is ‘one who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.’ From the toddlers’s point of view, these years mark the walk of freedom. Suddenly, the lying-on-the-lap baby has discovered that he can move on his own. He starts rolling, crawling, fumbling and walking.  This freedom gives parents their biggest and most common concern –…

5 Scary Realities Every SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Should Know

Stay at home mom in India

I used to be a working woman till few years back, pretty ambitious & a workaholic. I was used to hefty paychecks, regular outings, movies every weekend, a great social circle, shopping sprees and what not! Then things changed when I was trying to conceive. It was a much longer than a normal process for…