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Science Says: W-Sitting May Hamper Your Child’s Growth


Ever noticed how some children sit on their bottoms, with feet tucked under and knees bent at nearly 90 degrees and legs splayed out in the W-position? This position is secure and supports the trunk. The child feels safe and comfortable playing with a forward bias. But, do we realize that sitting like that can


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The Importance of Learning Music in Childhood

Music in Childhood

As parents, we lay a lot of stress on academics and physical development of our children. Our prime concern these days has become the academic grades of our children. Very little attention is given to  teaching music or any musical instrument during childhood. It is only when, our children show some interest or insist on musical training, we enroll


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The Friendship Between a Toddler and his Food

Toddler and food

The dictionary meaning of toddler is ‘one who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.’ From the toddlers’s point of view, these years mark the walk of freedom. Suddenly, the lying-on-the-lap baby has discovered that he can move on his own. He starts rolling, crawling, fumbling and walking.  This freedom gives parents their biggest and most common concern –


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A Toddler In a Supermarket

Toddler In a store

Supermarkets are like toddler wonderlands, any store for that matter. Be it the grocery section or the toys, with temptations galore, there is no stopping a spirited toddler!! So, summing up that experience of shopping for you!! She wants to run around and you are afraid she will knock down an expensive china. You will


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5 Scary Realities Every SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) Should Know

Stay at home mom in India

I used to be a working woman till few years back, pretty ambitious & a workaholic. I was used to hefty paychecks, regular outings, movies every weekend, a great social circle, shopping sprees and what not! Then things changed when I was trying to conceive. It was a much longer than a normal process for


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Four Ways We Damage Self Esteem Of Toddlers

Toddler Self_Esteem

 In day to day life, we often knowingly or unknowingly damage the self-esteem of our super enthusiastic toddler. At one moment, we consider our child to behave as a grown up & another moment, we snatch away their control or reprimand. All the experiences of a child help in shaping the personality in the long


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5 Reasons To Introduce Indian Classical Music To Your Baby

Indian Classical Music

There are lots of articles out there saying listening to Mozart music will make your baby smarter. I too bought Mozart music CD during pregnancy & listened to it everyday. The aim was not to make my baby smarter though, but to expose him to soothing calm music & inculcate love for good music. Whenever


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Toddler Development: 9 ways to keep your toddler busy!

Finger Painting

Kids are so hyper and it might be difficult to keep them busy at all times. It might feel like they need your attention constantly. But you can change that. You can divert their attention and keep them busy for hours all you need to do is keep them fascinated so experiment with all the


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Responsive Child Care in Early Childhood

Mother and Toddler

The first three years of life are amazing! Within one year, a small helpless infant evolves into a toddler who can crawl, sit, walk and run. From dependent new-born to energetic toddlers, capable of speaking assertively, climbing and rummaging the house is quite a feat. The starting point of this development is when a baby


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5 Must-Read Posts For Potty Training Your Kid!

potty training

If you are not a parent, you may be put off by the title of the post, but trust me, as a parent of two kids, I have spent hours on the internet trying to find out the right way to potty train my kids! And I must admit, there is no one ‘right’ way to


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The Diapers Dilemma : Cloth Vs. Disposable!

cloth vs disposable diapers

Editor’s Note: It is Earth Day on April 22nd, and we decided to do a small piece on cloth vs disposable diapers! Uh-oh!! Diaper rash!! My worst nightmares are coming true. My little one has diaper rashes, now what? To be honest, I have used cloth diapers, or what is traditionally cloth diapers (langots) mostly for both


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Have A Picky Eater At Home? – Here Is What Science Has To Say About It!

picky eater

Both my girls are eaters. You know the kind of kids who eat anything and everything given to them. So much that I need to tell them to STOP eating! One is seven and the other is an year old. So you can well understand why I never understood the term ‘Picky Eater’. My mother always


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My Toddler Does Not Talk Yet!

toddler does not talk yet

As my barely two month old son started making sounds, I judged he will take after me and be an early speaker. We were at my mother’s place and my parents and the kids in neighbourhood were always talking to him. But when we returned to Korea and I dipped into post partum issues (recurrent


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Easy and Quick Valentine’s Day Thumbprint Cards Printable

Valentine's Day Card, Printable

Valentine’s day is round the corner, so here is a printable for making your own finger print cards. Just print it on a cardstock, let your kids imprint their fingers and cut them out. You can also write fancy stuff like the ones here for older children. And add your kids name on the heart! Valentine’s


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A Picture with Santa?

It is the season of joy, and when you think of Christmas joy, you do think Santa Claus! He sure brings a smile! So when Santa Claus is coming to town, everyone looks forward! What is a Christmas party without a Santa who sings and cheers and shouts Ho ho ho and throws goodies and of