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Breastfeeding And Sleep Routine for Newborns

Sleep Routine and Breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition. At the same time, a well-fed baby makes setting a longer sleep routine easy. This means less hungry and cranky wake-up sessions. Many babies tend to fall asleep when feeding before filling their stomachs. Once disrupted the


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5 Reasons To Introduce Indian Classical Music To Your Baby

Indian Classical Music

There are lots of articles out there saying listening to Mozart music will make your baby smarter. I too bought Mozart music CD during pregnancy & listened to it everyday. The aim was not to make my baby smarter though, but to expose him to soothing calm music & inculcate love for good music. Whenever


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Postpartum Depression – Seek Help When Needed!

post partum

I always knew people around me were hoping I would have a baby boy. The hints were sometimes subtle and sometimes not too much, but they were there all around. So it was no surprise that the entire household was super happy when I did have a baby boy. I remember distinctly my uncle/doctor commenting


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The Diapers Dilemma : Cloth Vs. Disposable!

cloth vs disposable diapers

Editor’s Note: It is Earth Day on April 22nd, and we decided to do a small piece on cloth vs disposable diapers! Uh-oh!! Diaper rash!! My worst nightmares are coming true. My little one has diaper rashes, now what? To be honest, I have used cloth diapers, or what is traditionally cloth diapers (langots) mostly for both


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It Is Not Easy – Even The Second Time! – Confessions Of A Second Time Mom!

Confessions of a Second Time Mom! (1)

Having a second kid is as tough as having your first! Whoever told you it is easier is lying! Seriously! am not even thinking of a third one,but am sure it will be as tough! It’s tough being a second time mom! Right from the delivery to Breast feeding to starting solids to worrying about milestones to


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Elimination Communication – My Experiences

Aiming For No Diapers-

I must confess, I had not heard the phrase ‘Elimination Communication’ till Preethi told me about it some days ago. I was like WHAT? And then she explained it to me. And I was like ooohhhh that! When you type Elimination Communication on Google (That’s what I did) you come up with some 1.6 million


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Product Review: Cuddly Coo Baby Hammock

cuddly coo

Tharani has been kind enough to review the Cuddly Coo Baby Hammock for us.  In the first few weeks after our son was born, we loved holding him and rocking him to sleep. We just have to put him on our shoulders and rock him, he would go to sleep in five minutes but then


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Responsibilities Doubled – Co-sleeping with a Toddler

cow cuddly toy

Parents co-sleeping with a toddler is common in India but is considered to be unique in the US. While sleeping,my li’l Totz uses both his hands to cup my cheeks. This probably acts as a security blanket for him. Lately we thought of purchasing a cuddle toy for ‘Totz’ to accompany him to sleep. With


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6 Songs to Hum to Your Baby


My 5 month old daughter enjoys when I sing or hum her favorite song or rhyme. Not that I am a great singer, but all my attempts have turned fruitful when I see my little one smiling and humming along with me. Of all the little things you do to make your kid feel special,


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Science Says – How much sleep do kids need?

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Ever wonder how many hours of sleep your child needs? Sleep habits are different in each family – based on the parents work hours and general habits of waking early or waking late. My personal experience has been that in the US my daughter’s bed time would be around 8 -8:30 pm. On vacations in


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The Recall Alarm

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Hi All this is my first post on this site and interestingly I am starting with what all moms are famous for “Dont Do ” or “Beware” This is about some interesting finds which I happened to come across while looking for some products for my second child who is 4 months now . 1.


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Mutterings About My – Fear!

Photo Credit: mutteringsofmemyself

Hmmmm… it has been quite long since I sat down to write, but I am glad to be finally here: ready to pen down (ok fine, type out) my mutterings again. The most consistent emotion I have had and continue to have during my journey of  motherhood (beginning from the pregnancy stages) has been of


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Diaper Rashes – A Mother Questions!


I belong to that club of ever confused mothers who gets easily confused and stays in doubt forever about the decisions I make for my kids. My latest confusion is diaper. I use diaper for my 9 month old and he very recently recovered from terrible bum rashes. He suffered from diarrhoea and I guess


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Why Are We Obsessed With Baby Sleep?

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Amongst first time parents, I think the topic of baby sleep is an obsession. To put this in perspective, there are only 14,326 paperbacks that tackle the issue of poverty.  There are only 9,990 paperbacks on the topic of racism.  And yet, here we have nearly the same number of books on child sleep as


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What I Wish I Knew About Baby Sleep

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Read part one here. My son slept exceptionally well for the first 4 months. I moved him to his crib in his room, which he shared with his nanny when he was 3 months. Then the 4-month sleep regression struck and he woke up more often. Then on the 4th of June he turned 8 months