How to Take Care of a Newborn’s Umbilical Stump

Newborn umbilical care

What is the Umbilical Stump? The umbilical cord is the passage through which the foetus receives nutrition while in the mother’s womb.The cord is connected to placenta of the mother. After delivery, it is cut off through a painless process, which leaves a stump on the baby’s navel. This stump falls off on it’s own 7-21


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Nursing Pillows – Why is it a Breastfeeding Must-Have?

Nursing Pillows

Blessed with twins, my sister was ecstatic when she brought her darlings home. But soon she was complaining that her back hurt and she was tired all the time. She was religiously doing all she had been told at the hospital, but her babies cried all day, did not sleep well and she was exhausted!


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Breastfeeding And Sleep Routine for Newborns

Sleep Routine and Breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to have a full feed as this will ensure proper nutrition. At the same time, a well-fed baby makes setting a longer sleep routine easy. This means less hungry and cranky wake-up sessions. Many babies tend to fall asleep when feeding before filling their stomachs. Once disrupted the


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15 Things No One Tells a New Mom


With every new phase of life you learn something new. You gain the expertise through experience.But  when we share the experience, comparison comes into picture.I am talking about motherhood. A new mom is told many things and one of the most common lines you would have heard is “my baby never did that”. Well I am not


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My Breastfeeding Story – The Sore Nipples


Sore nipples are some thing every woman experiences at some point of her life. But if the sore nipples are due to breastfeeding believe me there is nothing more painful, emotionally and physically. I had a normal delivery and I thought the pain at least the physical  is over but to my shock there was much


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Breast Pumps – A Product Guide For India


Motherhood is a fulfilling and exciting phase for a woman but it can sometimes also be frustrating! Overnight life becomes topsy-turvy and no amount of homework can prepare you for this amazing journey. However, all new mothers, for sure, are well-aware of the benefits of breastfeeding their babies. As more women opt to strike the balance


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10 Toxic Chemicals That You Did Not Know Might Exist In Baby Products

Indina Mom and child

This is a sponsored post Pregnancy is the time we take utmost care of ourselves. We eat right, we breathe right, we sleep right. We know how tender & vulnerable our little one is inside. And, after the baby is born, we rush to the chemists & buy those baby products like soap, shampoo, powder,


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5 Reasons To Introduce Indian Classical Music To Your Baby

Indian Classical Music

There are lots of articles out there saying listening to Mozart music will make your baby smarter. I too bought Mozart music CD during pregnancy & listened to it everyday. The aim was not to make my baby smarter though, but to expose him to soothing calm music & inculcate love for good music. Whenever


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5 Things to Have to Make Breastfeeding Easier

5 Things to Have to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Breastfeeding is not a easy journey for most new moms, it definitely helps to be prepared before the baby arrives not only in terms of gathering enough information about breastfeeding but also in terms of gear that can make the whole experience easier. Nipple Cream Breastfeeding can a lot of times bring cracked, sore nipples and


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#IMCRadio – Breastfeeding – Why? When? How? with Dr. Manisha Gogri

Dr. Manisha Gogri

You can reach out to Dr. Manisha Gogri at and at her website –  


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Breastfeeding – All You Need to Know!


Breastfeeding has not been a much talked about topic, many mothers have struggled alone. Mothers at IMC, decided to share their experiences so that it might benefit another mother going through the same issue. She may find shared experience or even solutions, or at least a feeling that she is not alone in this –


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Postpartum Depression – Seek Help When Needed!

post partum

I always knew people around me were hoping I would have a baby boy. The hints were sometimes subtle and sometimes not too much, but they were there all around. So it was no surprise that the entire household was super happy when I did have a baby boy. I remember distinctly my uncle/doctor commenting


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How To Choose The Right Food For Your Babies!

featured image

The most common question which parents have about starting food for babies is what to offer, when to offer and how much to offer. Every child is different and every parent is unique. Some people introduce semi-solid food to their baby after 6 months, while some others start semi-solid food after completion of 4 months and a few


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The Diapers Dilemma : Cloth Vs. Disposable!

cloth vs disposable diapers

Editor’s Note: It is Earth Day on April 22nd, and we decided to do a small piece on cloth vs disposable diapers! Uh-oh!! Diaper rash!! My worst nightmares are coming true. My little one has diaper rashes, now what? To be honest, I have used cloth diapers, or what is traditionally cloth diapers (langots) mostly for both


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for March


My daughter was born 2.2 kgs. She was all bones and looked like an overgrown lizard or a frog. Believe me, the friends and the people in the relation, who came to meet her clucked disappointingly and said, “She is very weak!” It broke my heart to listen to such disparaging comments day by day.