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Celebrate Holi with Me!

Holi book-full cover

About the Author Celebrate Holi with Me is the latest release From the Toddler Diaries series by Shoumi Sen. The first book in the series was Celebrate Durga Pujo with Me! The Toddler Diaries Series started off as a series of poems that the author wrote for her daughter.As you turn the pages of this book, you


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5 Ways To Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti With Your Kids!

hanuman jayanti

Hanuman is really a fun God to teach our kids about! He seems to be so much full of fun and adventure that every kid loves to hear his stories…How, as a kid, he thought that the sun was a ball or when he grew up and used his tail to create havoc in Lanka!


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A Letter To My Husband On Father’s Day

Father's Day Special

I married my husband because he was a reflection of the best man in my life at the time, my father. And on this Father’s Day, I would like to tell my husband that it was the best decision I ever made, because he is, at this time, the best man in mine and my


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Birthday Party At Home? – Here is a Checklist You Can Use


Hosting a birthday party at home is no joke. I avoided hosting one for my older brat for five years. But on her sixth birthday, she pleaded saying ‘Amma please everyone has parties, can’t we have a small one’ I relented. And boy, I really didn’t realise what I was getting into! But after hosting


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Father’s Day Special – A Hand Painted T Shirt

T shirts with Warli Painting

What do you give dad which makes it really special for him? Even if you are not artistic, here is a gift you can think of giving dad, to make his Father’s Day special. Depending on the age of your child, here are few ideas for a painted t-shirt What you need 1. A Plain


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Diwali of My Childhood


As a child, Diwali was the most awaited festival for me before I swore my allegiance to Navratri. It was one of those festivals where the wait and long-ensuing preparations continue for ages and the actual festival day passes off in a quick flurry of new clothes, rangoli, puja, diyas, crackers and savouries. The first



Rath Yatra Celebrations – Adi’s First

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For me Rath Yatra had always meant bad traffic, especially when we used to live in Kasba near Rath thala! That is where a Rath is always stationed and on this day is decorated and taken out amidst great pomp and splendor!! It also meant bad traffic again after 8 days, that is when the


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On fathers and husbands!

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Is it true that a girl looks for a little of her father in the husband she marries? I am sure there will have been some studies on this and polarised views on any choice. My vehement opposition is both for the father and the husband bit. My father and the father of my children


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Not-so-new Appa talks

adoption story, adoption story blog

A man of few words turned out to be a chatterbox. A man who says “what next” to cut short my conversation turned out to be a man who can listen carefully for hours without uttering a word. A man who doesn’t know the existence of “gifts” turned out to be a man who showers


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Science Says – Fathers

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Today’s Science Corner is all about the Dads. Did you know that the new Father experiences hormonal changes too, just like the mother, the more he interacts with his newborn child? Lower testosterone, more oxytocin (which is the same hormone that increases in the mother). The modern father is expected to be more hands-on than their


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Quality time with Dad – There is an App for that!


As a child, one of the things I remember is spending time with my father learning about the solar system. He taught me about the planets and stars explaining with diagrams. It was quality time well spent. Now there is an App for that! SkyView – Explore the Universe is a fun app that lets


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Daddy’s Delightful Dishes

indian toddler recipes featured image

So Appa was in hostel for a major portion of his later study years, and learnt this recipe from I dont know who. But when he married Amma and got her to Baroda, he made this for her as a special treat, and Amma was floored. Its easy, its fast, and its definitely romantic much


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Father’s Day Special – Interview with A Father of Two Sons

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Continuing our Father’s day celebrations, today we interview Prashant (, a father to two boys aged 6 years and 2 years. Bringing up his kids outside of India, along with his wife, Prashant is a thinker, doer and an engineer. He is the guy who made a cabinet by himself for his kids and he


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Father’s importance – A mother’s perspective

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It is Fathers Day in the US on 16 June. I am in Sydney so our Fathers Day celebration is months away! Why wait for a particular day to honour our fathers? I know it’s a fun thing and a special day so it is ok I guess! A mother always seems to accept and


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Father’s Day Special – Interview With a-Just-Became-a-Father

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For the Father’s Day Celebrations, today we interview a brand new dad, who is one of the most popular bloggers we have come across and each of his post is a new learning. He can weave together serious issues with a hint of sarcasm and tons of wit and make you feel about the issue