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Effect of Screen Time on Motor Skills: The Smartphone Generation is not Ready to Write

Screen time

Teachers are seeing more and more kindergarteners whose fingers are not ready to write. They lack the fine motor skills required to write legibly in Kindergarten and beyond. This has been traced back to excessive touchscreen device use. As adults these days, we barely write at all. And sometimes when we do have to write,…

Warped Dishonesty


I had come across a poster, “Dishonest Indians – is the school teaching your child good values?” It became an open discussion and invariably the question raised was the role of schools in teaching good values. Role models for our children I believe that with the focus on academics and material success, the niceties of being…

Why #YESMom Is The New Age Parenting Technique


This is a sponsored post Recently I saw a video about a social experiment conducted by ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla. The experiment was done to evaluate how often do parents say ‘NO’ to their children and how does that affect the little ones. Before I share how profoundly the video impacted my thoughts on parenting, I’d…