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Science says – Probiotics are an essential part of health


Probiotics play a vital role in our lives because 80 % of our immune system is located in our digestive system. We need to make having a healthy gut a major focal point if we want to maintain optimal health. Gut is quite literally our second brain, as it originates from the same type of tissue as


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Children’s Mythology from Nosey Trunk!

noseytrunk books

Growing up, listening to stories from our grandparents and parents was how most of us learnt about Indian mythology. These stories made the Divine seem human and almost friend-like. I guess that is why we love them, celebrate them and want to share them with our kids. Ranjani Krishnaswamy of Nosey Trunk combines such stories with her love for


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Direct Dil Se with Ekta Bhatnagar, author of Genius Kids on a Mission

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Genius Kids On A Mission by Ekta Bhatnagar is perfect for kids age group 7+. This book contains two stories, and each story is in a chapter form. If your child is transitioning to a chapter book, this would be a good bet. IMC spoke to the author of this book,  Ekta Bhatnagar IMC: What made you



How to Raise a Creative Child

Creative Child

For 25 out of the (almost) 30 years of my life I held some very fixed notions about creativity. To me, creative people looked a certain way: crinkly cotton skirts, scarves or stoles, lots of silver jewellery, kajal and a jhola bag. The older ‘creatives’ wore beautiful saris and blouses and sometimes, these big, pretty


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Top 5 Questions Young Children Ask About Sexuality (and How to Answer Them Right)


Traditionally, sex talk has mostly been a taboo topic in our society. The average parent or teacher finds it too awkward and embarrassing to broach the concepts of sexuality and healthy relationships with young children. However, keeping in pace with the changing times, it has become essential to talk about the birds and bees in


Science Says

Science says Arts and Crafts are Important for Kids

Arts and Crafts

Art is a way for children to learn about the world, record thoughts and ideas, and enhance academic learning. Kids often love creating new things. The process of making an art product is of great interest to any child. They readily put together and take apart objects of different materials to create something unique, just for


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A Special Day : Mother- Son Date

A Special Day

Years ago when I was a child, maybe 7 years old or so, I went to a nearby park with my parents and sisters. We played in the grass, sat on the see-saw, held on tight to the merry-go-round as it furiously went round and round. After an evening of play, we nibbled on cold, sweet


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Science Says: W-Sitting May Hamper Your Child’s Growth


Ever noticed how some children sit on their bottoms, with feet tucked under and knees bent at nearly 90 degrees and legs splayed out in the W-position? This position is secure and supports the trunk. The child feels safe and comfortable playing with a forward bias. But, do we realize that sitting like that can



Only One for Us – Single Child Families

Single Child

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~ Elizabeth Stone Becoming parents is a big decision and turning point in life. Another associated decision is the family size. In the past, big families with four or



How to Take Care of a Newborn’s Umbilical Stump

Newborn umbilical care

What is the Umbilical Stump? The umbilical cord is the passage through which the foetus receives nutrition while in the mother’s womb.The cord is connected to placenta of the mother. After delivery, it is cut off through a painless process, which leaves a stump on the baby’s navel. This stump falls off on it’s own 7-21



Ways to Correct A Child without Criticising

Correct But Do Not Criticize

Correct but Don’t Criticise As a parent, we always want our children to grow up with good values and become a responsible adults. But often in our attempt to guide them, we go overboard. We try to correct our children for every little mistake they make. At times, we start criticising our children without even thinking


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Nursing Pillows – Why is it a Breastfeeding Must-Have?

Nursing Pillows

Blessed with twins, my sister was ecstatic when she brought her darlings home. But soon she was complaining that her back hurt and she was tired all the time. She was religiously doing all she had been told at the hospital, but her babies cried all day, did not sleep well and she was exhausted!


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Celebrate Holi with Me!

Holi book-full cover

About the Author Celebrate Holi with Me is the latest release From the Toddler Diaries series by Shoumi Sen. The first book in the series was Celebrate Durga Pujo with Me! The Toddler Diaries Series started off as a series of poems that the author wrote for her daughter.As you turn the pages of this book, you


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Make Your Own Parenting Syllabus

Parenting Syllabus

 A Typical Scene Kid#1 is being rushed to the soccer class while Kid #2 is throwing tantrum because he doesn’t want to wear the red t-shirt. He wants the one with the blue bird on it which happens to be in the washing hamper. Amidst all this confusion, I need to be packing the soccer bag,


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Comparing Children

Parents and Comparisons

Parents and Comparisons Parents keeping track in their child’s progress is normal and necessary. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me a lot. We all want our kids to do well and succeed. But I feel each child is different from the other. We all know and agree with that but when it