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Go Green with your Period!

Go Green with your period

An average woman uses roughly 12 sanitary pads a month. Maybe lesser tampons. Multiply that number into women who use them. If you calculated it, the number of sanitary pads and tampons that are discarded is mind-boggling. Did you know that a sanitary napkin can take over 500 years to decompose? Sometimes more. Go green with… A site for your child’s educational needs

Vedantu.Com Logo

As a mother of two school-goers, I was looking for some online help to assist my children with their daily studies. I stumbled upon this website called At first look, it looked like another of those websites which offers some online videos only. But wait!! I was wrong! offered live online help for students Highly skeptical (as most mothers…

Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our…

iPaatti Product Review


When you are in a foreign place, teaching children, the mother tongue becomes a difficult task. We recently posted about learning Hindi and the products that are available. Now it’s time for Tamil. Looking for interesting books and products to teach your kids Tamil? Then iPaatti products are one of your best bet.  I am from…