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Happy Holi – A Podcast, Books, Recipes and a Coloring page!

Holi Round Up

Happy Holi! Here is a round up of all things Holi that we have found, created and loved this year ! 1. Balgaatha Holi Podcast  Balgaatha is a podcast of kids stories from India. We loved their Holi edition with stories of Holika Dahan and Radha and Krishna. They also mention other stories of why


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Interesting Find : Halla Gulla Kids – Super Fun Kids Dance-Along Song

Halla Gulla Kids

Winter Woes During winter, the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. Arts, crafts, and other indoor activities come to the rescue but at times they become restless and they need to spend their energy. Playing outside and spending energy helps a lot. But what to do during winters? Forget winters, when we don’t have time to


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The First step to Passing on a Greener world to our Children: Surround Yourself with Greenery!

Green Homes

This is a sponsored post What do we owe our children? What do we owe to our children? How did we spend our childhood? If we start thinking about it, we realize that we owe them a clean atmosphere and space to run around and play freely. Nowadays children are given so many toys to


Interesting Find, Product Reviews A site for your child’s educational needs

Vedantu.Com Logo

As a mother of two school-goers, I was looking for some online help to assist my children with their daily studies. I stumbled upon this website called At first look, it looked like another of those websites which offers some online videos only. But wait!! I was wrong! offered live online help for students Highly skeptical (as most mothers


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Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our


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Enjoy Learning with CG Slate – Innovative Educational Tablet

Child on Tabet

This is a sponsored post Can your son read? Can he say the numbers from 1 till 100? Does he sit and do his homework willingly? Honestly as a mother of a 4 yr old I am, at most times, overwhelmed with all the talk about education for kids. Sure I want a good education for my


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A Bed Time Story That Is Too Interesting To Let Go!

Bedtime Stories

One of the things that I really look forward to at the end of the day, is reading a bed time story for my son. He would be turning 8 soon. We have moved on from picture books to chapter books. While he reads illustrated chapter books on his own, we love to cuddle up


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A Magazine for Preschoolers: National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids

I love magazines! I get the warm fuzzies when I receive my monthly stash of  them – all ranging from the business world to organic gardening. The love affair with magazines probably started for me as a pre-teen when my mother subscribed to Target, a children’s magazine that was published out of Delhi. It had contemporary and


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Explore Nature With Your Kids At Native Biodiversity Garden


Kids are bored at home as it is vacations. For Mumbaikars, taking kids out means mainly going to malls.And how many times can we take them there? After a while, I am sure even kids get bored of malls. Native Biodiversity Garden! Here is a lovely place we came across, called the ‘Native Biodiversity Garden’


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Diaper Debacle: Green Diaper Basics


We all use diapers. Let us accept it. But how many of us really understand the environmental impact of diapers? Here is an interesting infographic which we got from Definitely worth a look! Source: Shop for wonderful ecofriendly cloth diapers on IMC MarketPlace


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Interesting Find: The Better India Website

the better india

Today we are continuously bombarded with news. newspapers, TV channels, social media, websites and what not seem to be bent upon giving news sensationalizing trivial issues and making a mountain out of a molehill. What makes it worse is the kind of news which is broadcasted! Negative, depressing, upsetting and totally insensitive. Open any paper or


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iPaatti Product Review


When you are in a foreign place, teaching children, the mother tongue becomes a difficult task. We recently posted about learning Hindi and the products that are available. Now it’s time for Tamil. Looking for interesting books and products to teach your kids Tamil? Then iPaatti products are one of your best bet.  I am from


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Interesting Find –


A few weeks my aunt sent me a blurb through whatsapp. The information was about a boy who suffered burns when taking a photo on his phone while  standing next to an electricity  pole. I was unsure about the truth in it. While discussing this with my husband, he introduced me to  the site –


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List Your Grocery – App Review


I usually write a big grocery list and stick it on my fridge but just before going shopping I forget it and come back from shopping missing, at least two to three items and loads of unwanted items. Then I started using notes in my phone but then sharing it with my hubby was difficult.


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Interesting Find: Brain Yoga App


I’m an avid ‘apper’. By that I mean I love trying new apps from time to time. I happily try the FREE ones. I recently came across this app called ‘Brain Yoga’. This ‘Brain Yoga App’ is my daily workout for the brain. In the free version you get different but limited games to sharpen your brain