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5 Reasons To Introduce Indian Classical Music To Your Baby

Indian Classical Music

There are lots of articles out there saying listening to Mozart music will make your baby smarter. I too bought Mozart music CD during pregnancy & listened to it everyday. The aim was not to make my baby smarter though, but to expose him to soothing calm music & inculcate love for good music. Whenever…

Got A Picky Eater At Home? : Book Review of Picky Eaters and Other Mealtime Battles by Rakhee Vaswani

chef rakhee

Picky Eaters and Other Meal Time Battles by Rakhee Vaswani, published by Random House India, is one of those cook books which not only gives you recipes, but also takes you along on a parenting journey, with Rakhee sharing her personal experiences and giving us a reason as to why we need to look at eating fresh…