5 Quick and Easy Laddu Recipes


Laddus are are often served at festive or religious occasions. It is made of flour, minced dough and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe. Preparing laddu is very simple and needs no expertise. Most Indian moms & grand moms make all kinds of healthy and tasty laddus. Maalaadu – Split Roasted ChickPeas Balls


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Festive Special Foxtail Millets Laddu | Thinai Laddu


Don’t we all love laddus? Earlier in October, I posted Rava Laddu and now it’s time for Millet laddu. I prepared this laddu using the foxtail millet popularly known as Thinai in Tamil and Kangni in Hindi. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet. (The first one is pearl millet or Kambu/Bajra). It


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Festive Season Special | Choco Rava Laddu


The month of october is full of festivals this time. Navratri is already here and then Diwali and then of course Halloween. The holiday season mood is in the air. To celebrate this holiday season, we are presenting a simple yet yummylicious sweet recipe – the choco rava laddu.  Rava laddu is one among the traditional


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The Friendship Between a Toddler and his Food

Toddler and food

The dictionary meaning of toddler is ‘one who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.’ From the toddlers’s point of view, these years mark the walk of freedom. Suddenly, the lying-on-the-lap baby has discovered that he can move on his own. He starts rolling, crawling, fumbling and walking.  This freedom gives parents their biggest and most common concern –


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The Hungry People!


Periodically the kitchen is invaded by hungry people. These simple folks correlate hunger with food. In their hungry eyes, anything within the kitchen walls is eatable. It is “I am hungry, something is eatable and it is in the kitchen”. All the esoteric plans of the cook means nothing to them. They come in ready to eat cooked,


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The Transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to “I must cook now”


As days progress, even the most disorganized cook develops some dependents, people who are equally unwilling to discipline themselves. Or have been thrown by serendipity into a dependence on the amateur cook. And are willing to go along with the amateur experimentation either out of love or laziness. The transition from “I kind of feel like cooking” to


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Super Simple Braised Baby Potatoes | Healthy Way of Eating Potatoes

braised potatoes

Most kids love potatoes, don’t they! From French fries to tater-torts to hash browns, potatoes are a favorite snack! However, as a mom the unhealthiness of the deep-fried and store bought form is a concern. Well, why not try braising them instead, at home, a better alternative for sure and it does taste super yummy! And what’s more its an


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Yummy Way To Use Zucchini – Make A Pakora


Zucchini Pakoras are perfect tea time snacks or party/potluck appetizers prepared with zucchini, onions and chick pea flour combined with other spices. It’s a quick fried snack that can be prepared under 30 minutes. In Tamil, zucchinis are known as Seemai Suraikai. Zucchini is versatile veggie like potatoes and it aptly fits in any cuisine.


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Indianize The Zucchini With This Yum Recipe!


This zucchini kootu or dal or paruppu is prepared with moong dal and zucchini (obviously) and this goes well with rice and roti. For me, kitchen is a place for trying out different food experiments. This recipe is from one such experiment. When I was making poori Masala, I was wondering what if, I substitute


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How To Choose The Right Food For Your Babies!

featured image

The most common question which parents have about starting food for babies is what to offer, when to offer and how much to offer. Every child is different and every parent is unique. Some people introduce semi-solid food to their baby after 6 months, while some others start semi-solid food after completion of 4 months and a few


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Amazing Way To Use Strawberry! Make This Yum Strawberry Syrup!

quick and easy strawberry syrup

When life gives you strawberries, you make this strawberry syrup! Spring is a time for celebrations and memories- for family traditions and joy. One of our family traditions is to visit a local farm and pick strawberries. Ever notice how tasty freshly-picked fruit tastes? We walk under the sun along rows of strawberry plants bending down to


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Get Your Greens Fix: Saag Paneer


Saag Paneer is a popular Punjabi recipe which is usually prepared during winter as the saag or mustard greens are widely available during that time. I combined mustard greens, regular spinach and cabbage and cooked this gravy. Last week when I found these greens in the local farmers market, I was elated and got a bunch


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Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Soup


I have mentioned before that I am big time soup lover. I can have soups, irrespective of the weather and time. I tried this soup for the first time at my office cafe. Its a yummy, creamy soup and loaded with cheese. Broccoli a very healthy veggie with lot of vitamins and minerals. Luckily vaandu likes


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Eat Seasonal: Butternut Squash Chutney/ Thogayal

Butternut Squash Chutney

Butternut Squash is available in adundance in fall/winter. One of the best ways to eat is of course seasonal. Sometimes incorporating newer vegetables in traditional indian food is hard. Here is one way to add butternut squash easily into our meals. This chutney/thogayal keeps for a couple of days at least in the fridge and


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Murungai Ellai Adai – A Drumstick Leaves Recipe!


Murungai Ellai (Murungai Keerai), i.e Drumstick leaves are full of calcium, iron and have many health benefits. It looks a lot like Methi, i.e fenugreek leaves and most people wouldn’t know what it is. Being from South India I have seen my mom use this and the other day we happened to find it at our local