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5 Ways for Busy Moms to Keep Fit

Fitness for Moms

Between household chores, running errands, cooking meals and everything that needs attention in daily life, not everybody has the time or money to spend on fitness classes or a gym membership. For some, the best way to get fit is by incorporating mini habits into day to day activities. Below are 5 tips on how…

Balance Bike – An Awesome Fun Filled Time For A Kid!

balance bike 1

Balance Bike – a pedal-free bicycle- was enjoyed by my son  and I thought this would be a good platform to share some information regarding it. Surprised? A bicycle without pedals, but yes, it is true! The bike does not have pedals nor training wheels. My son showed little interest in rocking horse and ride-on. Ride-on wheels used to…

Listen to Helen Keller and Vaccinate Your Kids

helen keller vaccine

Before the lines were drawn, before the anti-vaccine movement, and definitely long before the discredited Dr. Andrew Wakefield who embellished the research that connected autism with the MMR vaccine, there was Helen Keller. In 1882, at a year and a half old, Helen was struck with a serious viral disease. Research suggests possibly scarlet fever, meningitis or…