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Balance Bike – An Awesome Fun Filled Time For A Kid!

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Balance Bike – a pedal-free bicycle- was enjoyed by my son  and I thought this would be a good platform to share some information regarding it. Surprised? A bicycle without pedals, but yes, it is true! The bike does not have pedals nor training wheels. My son showed little interest in rocking horse and ride-on. Ride-on wheels used to…

Listen to Helen Keller and Vaccinate Your Kids

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Before the lines were drawn, before the anti-vaccine movement, and definitely long before the discredited Dr. Andrew Wakefield who embellished the research that connected autism with the MMR vaccine, there was Helen Keller. In 1882, at a year and a half old, Helen was struck with a serious viral disease. Research suggests possibly scarlet fever, meningitis or…

Yoga Q&A with Uma

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With the New Year , we have a new series for you all – Yoga Q & A with Uma Uma Kunda is a yoga teacher and an internal medicine physician. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in Davis, CA. We start off with this question: “We all spend long hours in front of…