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Getting Kids Into The Olympic Spirit!


Recreating The Magic Of Olympics – Sapna Satagopan There is a magic to Olympics. I believed that then, I believe it now. No other event literally brings countries all over the world together in such a joyful and victorious fashion. I hardly remember any wins from the Indian Olympics team, but I lustfully cheered for



Finding The Motivation To Fitness

motivation to fitness

I am not a gym-freak or a health nut. I exercise because I don’t have an alternative. I also don’t believe that I should deprive the foodie in me. I have made fitness a part of my life the past couple of years. It hasn’t been an easy journey. It has had ups, downs and plateaus.


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Breastfeeding and Mastitis: An Expat Experience


I was always sure I would be breast-feeding my child as long as possible. The moment came; my son had an instant latch! It felt so natural and perfect! I joined my husband abroad when my son was 2 months old. As you can guess, there was no house-help. The Korean winter was so harsh, I could


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Balance Bike – An Awesome Fun Filled Time For A Kid!

Balance Bike – a pedal-free bicycle- was enjoyed by my son  and I thought this would be a good platform to share some information regarding it. Surprised? A bicycle without pedals, but yes, it is true! The bike does not have pedals nor training wheels. My son showed little interest in rocking horse and ride-on. Ride-on wheels used to


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Judging Mom: Self-Doubts of a Mother

judgmental moms

Welcome to the longest running show of your lives ever: Judging Mom!! My son is two, and I have finally figured that the show will go on. I understand everyone who is judging love kids and are just concerned.  But should they really be making me self doubt my own parenting? Pet Peeves: Why is he wearing


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Listen to Helen Keller and Vaccinate Your Kids

helen keller vaccine

Before the lines were drawn, before the anti-vaccine movement, and definitely long before the discredited Dr. Andrew Wakefield who embellished the research that connected autism with the MMR vaccine, there was Helen Keller. In 1882, at a year and a half old, Helen was struck with a serious viral disease. Research suggests possibly scarlet fever, meningitis or


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Keeping Up With School and Sickness

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This is a Sponsored Post Common colds are the main reason that children miss school. Each year in the United States, there are millions of cases of the common cold, and while adults average 2-3 colds per year, children can experience even more, according to the Center for Disease Control. If your child isn’t feeling


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App Review – RunKeeper


When I joined my friends S and P for outdoor walking, I was looking for an app which would track my activity like how many miles I walked and many calories I burned etc. And they suggested this app “Runkeeper”. It’s a perfect App and I use it for all my outdoor activities. What I


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Kale Smoothies


Kale, is one among the healthiest greens available. It is known for its vitamins and minerals. My husband wanted to try this kale juice for a very long time and last week he got a big bag of cleaned baby kale. Instead of trying something Indian with kale, I thought I will go for some


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Interesting Find: Fitness Blender


Staying Fit/healthy and shedding few (???) pounds that I gained during postpartum is one of my biggest challenges and still is. Balanced diet and exercise are the key factors for staying fit. Diet is a separate topic which needs to be discussed in a separate post. Coming to the exercising part, the main concern is time.


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Cricket… More Than Just The Game!


I come from India where cricket is akin to a religion, you’ll find young boys playing cricket on the street, people passionately talking about it… at home, work, on the bus, everywhere and of course it is a game that gave the world Sachin Tendulkar! I was watching the T20 World Cup on television, with my husband


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Funny Bone Not Funny At All…


Last evening, I hit my elbow against the kitchen counter top and it hurt so bad. Hurting oneself in winter always hurts more and this was my elbow,my funny bone and the throbbing for the 10 minutes that followed was not funny at all! I kept wondering why it is called funny bone, when all


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All About A Trampoline


The closest I came to a trampoline and playing ‘jump jump’ as a kid was a slightly deflated jumping castle at a local ‘fun n fair’ or the bumpy bed at grandma’s house. Trampolines in the backyard have been discussed and talked about often here in Australia. Earlier, I would politely nod my head but



Yoga Q&A with Uma

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With the New Year , we have a new series for you all – Yoga Q & A with Uma Uma Kunda is a yoga teacher and an internal medicine physician. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in Davis, CA. We start off with this question: “We all spend long hours in front of


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Brain and Psychology


Our brain is such an amazing organ. The working of the brain always amazes me. I read every article that is brain related. I am sharing with you what I recently came across. Get your beauty sleep – Here’s a good reason why sleep is important. You can now tell mom or partner that you