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EAD: A Breeze of Hope for Certain Abused Nonimmigrant Spouses

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If a person entered the United States as the spouse of an A, E-3, G, or H nonimmigrant and has been abused by their spouse, they can now apply for employment authorization. Starting May 26, 2015, certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants can apply for employment authorization (EA) (by filing Form I-765, Application for Employment


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Breast Pumps – A Product Guide For India


Motherhood is a fulfilling and exciting phase for a woman but it can sometimes also be frustrating! Overnight life becomes topsy-turvy and no amount of homework can prepare you for this amazing journey. However, all new mothers, for sure, are well-aware of the benefits of breastfeeding their babies. As more women opt to strike the balance


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Adlabs Imagica – A Review Through The Learning Lens!


Adlabs Imagica – badi interesting jagah hai! Their advertisement has always made me giggle with those two birds & two human beings having a serious talk of their lives! Being a hard core fan of adventure & thriller rides, I always wanted to try those inviting roller coaster rides. But having an eighteen months old


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for September 2016


Tips for Oral Hygiene After having my teeth extracted, I understand the pain and frustration that a person has to go through because of poor dental hygiene. Before you make some nasty judgments about my oral health, let me clarify that I am a pretty strict person when it comes to hygiene. I brush two


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for July 2016


Last night I watched a recently released Bollywood film titled Neerja. The film is about a real-life hero who died while on duty, saving the lives of hundreds of passengers on a Pan Am flight in 1986. The movie was flawless (completely my opinion here). A particular dialogue in the movie kept me up late


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Explore Nature With Your Kids At Native Biodiversity Garden


Kids are bored at home as it is vacations. For Mumbaikars, taking kids out means mainly going to malls.And how many times can we take them there? After a while, I am sure even kids get bored of malls. Native Biodiversity Garden! Here is a lovely place we came across, called the ‘Native Biodiversity Garden’


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for May 2016


“Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.”    Ralph Waldo Emerson There are things we all want to teach our kids. Each parent probably has a list – a mental one if not a paper one. I have such a list too and  one of the top items on my list (and


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for April

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J. K. Rowling famously says, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book” and I agree! As an avid reader who has experienced the magic of books first hand, I am already a life-long fan of reading. And as a parent, a wife and a friend, I am also constantly striving to inculcate


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for March


My daughter was born 2.2 kgs. She was all bones and looked like an overgrown lizard or a frog. Believe me, the friends and the people in the relation, who came to meet her clucked disappointingly and said, “She is very weak!” It broke my heart to listen to such disparaging comments day by day.


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Featured Blog Pick of The Month for February


Long ago when I was in school I read a piece about a dad who devised games to ensure he got his forty winks each afternoon. I have no clue why it stayed with me. Perhaps God was preparing me for the twins even when I was a carefree teen. Faced with long summer afternoons


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How to Invest Smartly to Fulfill Your Child’s Dreams!

Fulfill Child's Dreams

This is a sponsored post One of my friends once sent me a ‘joke’, which said  “Condoms are the second best birth control method in India. The first is the cost of education!” While it does seem funny, in reality, it is true. The cost of educating a child in a decent school and then


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Kala Ghoda Festival 2016: 10 events just for your kids!

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Mumbai’s biggest multi-cultural festival, Kala Ghoda is just around the corner and it promises to be bigger and better in 2016! The 12 days long festival is a vibrant celebration of art, dance, theatre, literature and food. While the festival holds a lot of activities for adults, it is a mecca of fun, entertainment and learning


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5 Point Pongal and Sankranti Checklist

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1.Start with Chakkari Pongal – Any Tamilian worth his salt would have heard of Meenakshi Ammal and her insanely famous book (in four parts) “Samaithu Par”. This book, in all probability, lists all South Indian, traditional, vegetarian recipes and personally, I have never had a single failure when following her recipes. While I was flipping through this


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Apollo Cradle Foundation – The Joy Of Giving

People donating toys at Apollo Cradle Foundation collection points

The ‘Joy of Giving’ is something that can not be replicated by any other emotion. While we do celebrate the first week of October as the Joy of Giving week, I learnt from my parents early on, that the more you give, the more you get. You don’t have to give millions of dollars, even


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Let’s Celebrate This Festive Season Together


You cannot think about a party without invitations these days, especially evite’s invitations. For me, evite is the synonym for electronic invitations. I use it not only for birthday parties but also for the Navratri Golu invite and of course, for Diwali parties. Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. It brings back fond memories of my native town and