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Comparing Children

Parents and Comparisons

Parents and Comparisons Parents keeping track in their child’s progress is normal and necessary. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me a lot. We all want our kids to do well and succeed. But I feel each child is different from the other. We all know and agree with that but when it



Alternative Education – New Kid On The Block


Most of us grew up on the standard ICSE, CBSE, State Board education options. It was a simple and easy choice. Pick one of the three options and children were set for the next 10 or 12 years. Education Systems Today But if you are new to parenthood, the choices available in the area of



ICSE Schools Now Teach Harry Potter

School Kids

Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for ISC Examination At the outset, I have to admit that I am quite furious.I feel completely CHEATED. Why didn’t this happen when I was in school? With that resentful feeling, I have to congratulate ICSE for adding contemporary literature to their curriculum. Indian kids school bags will include works of J,K


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The Lion’s Feast by Karadi Tales | Book Review


Karadi Tales‘ latest book The Lion’s Feast is an irreverent tale with really funny illustrations. IMC was delighted to receive a copy of this fun children’s book for review. The Story The Lion’s Feast is a story about an old couple who are forced to invite a ravenous lion to their home for a meal. What


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One Trick to Teach Hindi to Your Child (and Have Them Enjoy it Too!)

Learning Hindi

I have been teaching Hindi classes for kids for more than 5 years and in every Hindi class I teach, there is always one activity the kids just can’t get enough of. It makes them want to speak and learn more Hindi right off the bat. I have realized that no matter which child you are


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Katha Kids- Stories for your kid and the kid in you!


Katha Kids, as the name suggests is a place for children’s stories . In today’s digital age, Katha kids is a great initiative, an online platform where one find a variety of children’s stories, mythological stories, folk tales, bedtime stories and much more. Most of us would have heard/read these stories growing up and they are stuck in our


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A Cute Book About Indian Gods and Goddesses!


After Trishala’s Dream (giveaway coming soon), Beanstalk Cottage are back with their new book. ‘My First book of Indian Gods & Goddesses‘ by Sonila Prashant, illustrated by Alankrita and published by Beanstalk Cottage, is a cute board book aimed at introducing our little ones to our Indian Gods. And that is exactly what it does, oh so perfectly! Some would argue, there


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A Picture For A School Assignment


This post originally appeared on Drawing pictures for a school assignment can be made a lot simpler by using exactly the same curves and lines used for forming alphabets. Many adults believe that they cannot draw. Fortunately for them, professionally not all need to draw. So there is a perfect reason to avoid drawing.


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5 Reasons To Introduce Indian Classical Music To Your Baby

Indian Classical Music

There are lots of articles out there saying listening to Mozart music will make your baby smarter. I too bought Mozart music CD during pregnancy & listened to it everyday. The aim was not to make my baby smarter though, but to expose him to soothing calm music & inculcate love for good music. Whenever


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Enjoy Learning with CG Slate – Innovative Educational Tablet

Child on Tabet

This is a sponsored post Can your son read? Can he say the numbers from 1 till 100? Does he sit and do his homework willingly? Honestly as a mother of a 4 yr old I am, at most times, overwhelmed with all the talk about education for kids. Sure I want a good education for my


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Test Your English Skills with the University of Cambridge

Learning English

This is a sponsored post “How do I make my child speak good English?” I cannot count the number of times I have been asked this question, all the more so now when I regularly interact with worried parents! And it is not just speaking, enabling children to read and write in English is equally


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A Puzzling Tour Of India – Book Review


We all know that India is a land of diversity and is known for its rich heritage and culture. There is a lot of unknown facts about India, which are interesting and amazing. Do you know what is on the state seal of Manipur? Kangla-Sha, a mythical dragon that is part-lion, part-deer and part-snake. He is suppose to protect


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The Very Beginning of Reading For Your 5 And 6 Year Olds

sight words

Reading starts way before children recognize the alphabet. It starts when they are read to, aloud and they hear the sounds of words, strung together to make sentences. I don’t remember when I learnt to read, when the words in front of me in the many Amar Chitra Kathas and Tinkles my mom read to


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5 Best Kept Secrets of Over-Achievers And All-Rounders

all rounders

As March comes to a close, the stressful school examinations are over, results have been announced and everyone is in new classrooms with fresh books, sharpened pencils and shiny shoes. No doubt we all are excited to meet new friends, new teachers and write our names on new books. And just once in a while, we


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How to Invest Smartly to Fulfill Your Child’s Dreams!

Fulfill Child's Dreams

This is a sponsored post One of my friends once sent me a ‘joke’, which said  “Condoms are the second best birth control method in India. The first is the cost of education!” While it does seem funny, in reality, it is true. The cost of educating a child in a decent school and then