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A Beautiful Book about Truck Art from Pakistan

This Truck Has Got to Be Special

About This Truck Has Got To be Special Many a times, we see kids go crazy over the huge containers that rule the road. I’m sure they would have imagined what it is like to drive a big beast  proudly around. Here comes the book, “This Truck Has Got to be Special“, written by Anjum Rana that


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Celebrate Holi with Me!

Holi book-full cover

About the Author Celebrate Holi with Me is the latest release From the Toddler Diaries series by Shoumi Sen. The first book in the series was Celebrate Durga Pujo with Me! The Toddler Diaries Series started off as a series of poems that the author wrote for her daughter.As you turn the pages of this book, you


Age 4 - 9

A Picture Book About Pickles

Pickle Mania by Srividhya Venkat

About Pickle Mania Pickle Mania written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailaja Jain Chougule is book ideal for kids aged 4-9. The story features a small girl called Nitya who is fascinated by pickles. The Plot: Nitya wants to taste the red, spicy lemon pickle that her grandparents eat. However, her paati (grandmother) says that the pickle is too


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An Everyday Super Girl!

Nina The Neighborhood Ninja

This week a widely shared study has found that as early as 6 yrs old, girls already believe that they are less smart than boys! As a mother to a 6 yr old daughter, this is obviously awful news! It is heartbreaking to me to think that my daughter might potentially be feeling this way!


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The Night Monster – A Book for a child’s fear of monsters under the bed

night monster book

The Night Monster by Karadi Tales Book Blurb “Every night, when the owl hoots and the shadows of the trees dance on the walls, the Night monster creeps into Avi’s room and frightens him. One day his sister suggests he write a letter to the monster, and Avis’s nights are not the same anymore.” The


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The Peepal Tree and its Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Questions and More Does Peepal trees have flowers? Do they bloom? Have you wondered where their flowers are? Hmmm Any guess? In their branches? If yes, what colour are these flowers? Ok, no more questions. Let me just answer the first part. Yes, Peepal trees bloom and they bear flowers but in their own secret garden.


Age 4 - 9, Book Review

Book Review | TED, The Fire Engine – Book 3 in the series!


Ronny the Bully, is the 3rd  book in TED, The Fire Engine series by Lakshmi Mitter. IMC has had Ted, The Fire Engine with us for sometime now . Lakshmi Mitter had first put up her book, as a video story on IMC and later when the series became a book. We are glad that Ted has been a


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Best Books of 2016 for 4-9 yr olds


Book we loved this year! Raza’s Bindu Raza’s Bindu is a fabulous picture book by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai. It is an excellent effort to make Raza’s art accessible to children. From a brief introduction on how the “bindu” became the central theme of Raza’s paintings, the book takes us through his paintings. Read More… Raza’s Bindu


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Chalo, Mumbai Ki Sehar Karein (Let’s Visit Mumbai)!


My daughter and I recently visited Mumbai for a few weeks. And when we returned, I got this children’s book about Mumbai –  Let’s Visit Mumbai, for review! And as I started reading it I felt, wait a minute, did I write this book! That feeling of been there, done that really hit me hard and it brought a


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The Lion’s Feast by Karadi Tales | Book Review


Karadi Tales‘ latest book The Lion’s Feast is an irreverent tale with really funny illustrations. IMC was delighted to receive a copy of this fun children’s book for review. The Story The Lion’s Feast is a story about an old couple who are forced to invite a ravenous lion to their home for a meal. What


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Meri Bindi – A Bilingual Book for Hindi Learners


Meri Bindi / My Bindi by Anu Anand is a lovely bilingual book that surprisingly covers quite a bit of Hindi vocabulary – from colors, shapes, sizes to general terms like “look” ,  “come” and “friends”. The text covers a lot of the words that you would typically learn when you start out learning any new


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Princess Easy Pleasy – A Fussy Princess from India

Princess Easy Pleasy

Does your family travel a lot or take vacations on and off? And do you have little ones with you when you do! If yes, you are sure to love Princess Easy Pleasy from Karadi Tales!  Princess Easy Pleasy is about a fussy little princess, who is anything but easy to please. This Indian Princess, with her parents- the King


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Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Lets Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali

Diwali, albeit one of the biggest festivals in India, is celebrated differently by different parts of India. Growing up, for us Diwali was just for one day and involved waking up before sunrise, taking an oil bath and wearing new clothes. Then it was off to burst some crackers, temple and Diwali Bakshanam eating! As


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India’s Hockey Magician – Dhyan Singh ‘Chand’

Dhyan Singh Chand

We live in the era of cricket, tennis, football, chess and I can keep adding other games to this list. But where is Field Hockey in that list ? Field Hockey is the India’s National Sport. Do you know? 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Indian Hockey Team won Gold medal. 1932 Olympics in


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Around The World With a Chilli & Lights…Camera…Action!


Around the World With a Chilli Written by Nayan Chanda and Illustrated By Priya Kuriyan   Confession Time!!! This book “Around the World with a Chilli” written by Nayan Chanda and illustrated by Priya Kuriyan, taught me lot of unknown facts and fascinating aspects on globalization. I would definitely recommend this book not only for