Are We Giving In To Children’s Demands Too Quickly?

Mindful Parenting

Parenting demands immense efforts and thinking before acting. Mindful parenting – doubly so. “Mummy, I want fried fish for lunch!”, he demanded. His mum thought, “It will make my son happy.” Off she went to kitchen and started to clean the fish and in no time fried fish was served in plate of her beloved


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New Lessons Learnt : My Child teaches Me

Lessons Learnt

The Situation After a nice, festive weekend, getting back to routine is difficult and boring. Especially when you know it will be a busy week ahead. The week started and my kiddo went to school and got back as usual. It was time for his after school class, and he was not in a mood to go.



6 Important Steps to Prepare a Toddler for Daycare


The transition of a toddler from home to daycare or playgroup or preschool is often dreaded. I was also very skeptical how my 17-month old son, A, will handle the transition. He was going to spend two hours a day at a childcare centre. That is two hours away from home. It ended with a relatively easy


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Comparing Children

Parents and Comparisons

Parents and Comparisons Parents keeping track in their child’s progress is normal and necessary. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me a lot. We all want our kids to do well and succeed. But I feel each child is different from the other. We all know and agree with that but when it


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5 Unique Personality Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed

Personality Traits in Children

We all love our kids and want them to grow up into a successful and strong individual. But we lived in a highly competitive world. Sometimes, this competitive atmosphere makes us greedy. Unconsciously, we become a part of rat race. We set higher expectations from kids and want to see them as a winners in


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Lessons from a Toddler in Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Time flies and every day is a new day. My dormant senses have become active. I am curious, explorative, and more important living in the present. It’s never a dull day with her. Children — God’s wonderful and innate creations,  can teach us so much. They are the walking talking Wikipedia. And they can also be


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Our Toddler is an Individual

Toddler individual

Yes, he is 20 pounds and 31 inches tall and you can lift him up in one hand. But that doesn’t undermine the fact that my toddler is a human with functional emotions, desires and opinions. That is why we treat him as one of us, as an individual and not as a baby. We



Moms, Are You Aware Of Your Negative Self Talk?


Moms, when you wake up in the morning, what mental dialogue goes on in your head? Let’s see if these examples resonate with you: Oh, we are late again. I never can do anything on time these days. My son does not eat anything. It is my fault, obviously. I look awful today. I just


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The Hungry People!


Periodically the kitchen is invaded by hungry people. These simple folks correlate hunger with food. In their hungry eyes, anything within the kitchen walls is eatable. It is “I am hungry, something is eatable and it is in the kitchen”. All the esoteric plans of the cook means nothing to them. They come in ready to eat cooked,


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Raising Empathetic and Kind Children

Kind Children

Hardly a day goes by without me groaning in despair about the world around me. Intolerance, hatred and violence seem to take over the inherent goodness of people. It is a sad place to be and a hard place to raise kind human beings. We unfortunately dwell in a world where interactions over the cell phones take precedence


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Four Ways We Damage Self Esteem Of Toddlers

Toddler Self_Esteem

 In day to day life, we often knowingly or unknowingly damage the self-esteem of our super enthusiastic toddler. At one moment, we consider our child to behave as a grown up & another moment, we snatch away their control or reprimand. All the experiences of a child help in shaping the personality in the long


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Yoga for children – Is it for real or a fad!

Yoga for Children

Yoga is omnipresent today – from swanky studios to the mom-and- pop classes in the confines of tiny apartments, from academic institutions to doctors’ prescriptions, it is everywhere. A few decades back, yoga was reserved for the second half of your life. When you were done with your primary responsibilities, knocking on the sixties and settling into


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Responsive Child Care in Early Childhood

Mother and Toddler

The first three years of life are amazing! Within one year, a small helpless infant evolves into a toddler who can crawl, sit, walk and run. From dependent new-born to energetic toddlers, capable of speaking assertively, climbing and rummaging the house is quite a feat. The starting point of this development is when a baby


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The Treasure In My Bag

treasure in my bag

This morning, as I was walking back from dropping my kids to daycare/school, I clutched at my bag. I could feel my wallet inside – it carried a few spare notes and some cards that were easily replaceable. But the treasure was not in the wallet. It was in a little ziploc next to it. Neatly


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How We Learnt To Read!

child reading under tree

Background First some background. A year ago, when the kids were six, we moved from India to the US. I know a lot of Indian kids who’ve moved and are doing really well at school here. But, I was super worried. Because we just didn’t move countries; we were moving from alternate education system to a