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How To Raise A Reader?

Raising a Reader

The benefits of reading are indisputable and the task of raising a young reader is monumental. Here are some ways to help parents raise young readers. BOARD BOOK TIME – Babies and Toddlers You’ve probably heard it many times, but here it is once more, because it’s true: It is never too early to read…

Top 5 Questions Young Children Ask About Sexuality (and How to Answer Them Right)


Traditionally, sex talk has mostly been a taboo topic in our society. The average parent or teacher finds it too awkward and embarrassing to broach the concepts of sexuality and healthy relationships with young children. However, keeping in pace with the changing times, it has become essential to talk about the birds and bees in…

Separation Anxiety and how to deal with it

Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety? When a child is taken to an unknown place or by an unknown person, the discomfort and anxiety they feel is called separation anxiety. The child feels abandoned his parents. The child feels that his parents won’t come back. This fear of losing their loved ones is termed as separation anxiety. Generally, a child is usually too…