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Favorite Puzzles for Beginners – Puzzlemania | Book Review


Looking for ways to engage your little ones on a rainy afternoon or a hot summer afternoon or a super-cold winter day? Then check these excellent Puzzlemania Puzzle activity books published by Puffin India. Puzzlemania Books This Puzzlemania series is perfect for children in the age group 3-6. The books are available in four fun volumes and…

DIY Slime with Fevicol MR

DIY Slime

Has the Slime fever caught you? Oh yeah, who doesn’t love the gooey, stretchy and slimy slime? Slime can behave in fascinating ways. It is somewhat in between a liquid and a solid. Depending on what kind of slime you are working with, it might flow between your fingers. Your slime may also behave more like a…

A Picture For A School Assignment


This post originally appeared on Drawing pictures for a school assignment can be made a lot simpler by using exactly the same curves and lines used for forming alphabets. Many adults believe that they cannot draw. Fortunately for them, professionally not all need to draw. So there is a perfect reason to avoid drawing.…