Very soon students appearing for their Board Exams this year will be facing this question – “What next?” The answer to this question would determine their career in the long run. The sooner they figure out their career plan, the better.

Career planning should ideally start from Class 9th and 10th. By this time, students have a fair idea about the various streams of study, their likes, their interests and also, their dislikes. Post Class 10th board exams, students also have to make a selection of stream and electives. Having a career goal in mind, helps them in figuring out this piece of the puzzle easily.

What is Career Planning?

Career planning is a way to plan your future on long term basis. It is a roadmap where you chalk out the plan about your future in advance. For career planning to work, it is important that the student, parent and a career guidance specialist discuss and figure out the way forward.

It involves an understanding of the student’s interest, passion and aptitude. Then coming up with career options that he/she can explore. Based on the career option selected, an education pathway is also determined. What stream to select, what electives, which colleges to apply for, which courses and so on and so forth.

Why is Career Planning Required?

While most of us grew up at a time when there was little to no competition, things have changed drastically today. Not only it has become more competitive but also there are new exciting career opportunities that kids can explore these days. Be it Science, Humanities or Commerce, there are plenty of choices which one can look forward to based on their interest. In such a scenario, career planning becomes all the more important. Students can not only save time but also money by following a well-planned roadmap.

4 Things to keep in mind while planning your child’s career

  • Get to know your child’s interest, passion and aptitude.
  • There are lucrative careers outside of engineering and medicine. Explore.
  • Understand that your child may not be great academically but there are still plethora of career options he/she can choose from
  • Seek professional career guidance. Your distant aunt and your neighbour may be your child’s well-wisher but they may not have all the information at hand.

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