A photograph is often a reminiscence of the bygone days and a great way to cherish the past. A baby is born only once and childhood can never come back once gone by. Our little one would thank us if we would make efforts to capture those great memories as photographs to make them last forever.

Each moment of a child’s life is full of surprises, new discoveries and naughty pranks. A baby’s sweet smile, the first birthday bash, the day he started crawling with his little feet or playing with his first toy—each memory is a milestone which can be recorded via photos.

All of us own a digital camera today. Using the handy tips below, you can capture these wonderful moments forever.

Get Closer

Get closer to your child while photographing her. Using a good zoom lens is also a good option. “Working with a zoom lens gives you the ability to change your perspective without moving around. This is critical when working with children because they are only going to give you a short amount of time before they get bored,” says Sandy Puc, professional photographer and author of The Sandy Puc’ Guide to Children’s Portrait Photography.

Use a faster shutter speed

Sandy also advises us to use a faster shutter speed (i.e.250) and stop down the aperture (4.5 or 5.6). Another way to stop motion is to use a flash. This will give you the ability to work in many difficult lighting situations as well.

Capture them in motion

Kids are fun-loving, active beings. They like running around playing and riding swings and merry go rounds! You can capture them in action by freezing them while they’re in motion. Drag the shutter while moving it from left to right. This is called the panning effect.

Shoot in natural light whenever possible

Daytime is the best time to shoot great photographs of your kids especially during the morning and evening hours when the sunlight isn’t too harsh.  It is best to use the flash off camera by putting it on a stand. Sandy recommends that it should be 45 degrees off camera and slightly higher for the most natural look.

Try different variants

Be creative while taking photographs of your toddler. Shoot some images at his eye level, some from below and a few higher up. Changing the angle can create wonders. Moreover, shoot in the rains, during special occasions and record various emotions with your lens.

Know your equipment

Angela Giles Klocke, Photographer with LoveYourEverydayLife.com advises parents to take the camera off automatic and learn how the different options and features work. “If you rely solely on the camera and don’t learn the basics, you won’t get the shots you see – you’ll get whatever the camera reads on its own,” Angela says. Once you know the basics of photography, you can take beautiful photos with your smart phone because even smart phones can have settings changed and light metering manipulated.

Getting Creative – Ideas

  • Younger children will never pose for you. Move around, observe their cheerfulness and innocence. Do not force them to pose or act in a certain manner. Click away when you feel it’s the right moment. For toddlers, you can photograph them when they are at play. Asking them to do an activity they love can inspire great ideas for photos. You can also offer a small gift at the end of the session.
  • A black and white photo of your child, alone or with a friend looks great too. It is classy and can be shot indoors without a flash under normal lighting.
  • Splash some colour into the photograph by dressing up kiddo in colourful clothes in a creative way. Colourful bed sheets or curtains also add variety and a dash of energy.
  • Balloons, books, pets, stuffed toys, lights, mirrors or colourful food items can be used in a photo very creatively. As an example, ask your toddler to hold onto a bunch of colourful balloons on a beach and get clicking!
  • Remove any distractions and fill the camera frame with your subject. You want to take a cute picture of your child and so, remove any unwanted things lying around which do not add to the shot. Check that a major part of the frame is filled up by the subject of the shot—your child.
  • Print the photos and make a baby record album or create a PC slide show. You can edit these on Adobe Photoshop and share them with friends and family via different apps like Peekaboo Moments or Lifecake. However, do remember to create a back up. After all, childhood is indeed, magical and priceless!

Some Dos and Don’ts while Photographing Kids

  • Be patient
  • Learn online with YouTube videos
  • Don’t be stressed or worried
  • Make it a fun activity
  • Offer a special treat for good behavior
  • Use a zoom lens
  • Get down to their level
  • Use a fast shutter speed
  • Use a flash to stop motion
  • Remember to back up your photos

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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