We all want to know what future holds for us. A bit of prediction always helps huh? No wonder all the newspapers and TV channels have a horoscope section. 🙂  Nalini Sorensen has weaved a fantastic plot around this theme, and she has delivered a delightful read – The Star That Saved The Day for kids 8 and above , published by Scholastic India.

I was smiling through the entire read and enjoyed each and every chapter, and so did my eight year old. He has read the book twice already. That says it all, doesn’t it?


The Plot

It’s all about Yash and Yohan’s family.  Yash and Yohan’s mom reads her horoscope every single day, and she firmly believes those predictions. One fine day, she reads the horoscope and it is nothing like she has ever read before. She is terrified and jolted. What happens after that? The story is about how does she take the horoscope, and how their day proceeds?  And to learn how a star saved the day, you got to grab the book!


What I liked about the book

  • The plot and the setting. Each and every one can relate to the family easily. It’s an every day Indian family. It was super fun to read how the boys enjoyed their holiday inside the house. Cricket inside the house, talking with food in the mouth… you can relate to all these quickly.
  • I loved the narration, and it’s a perfect light read for the kids.
  • How can I not talk about the illustration? They are hilarious and brilliant.


  • Also, I loved how the author did not take any sides about the horoscope belief.

With summer holidays approaching, get this fabulous book for your child, and it is a great book to add to your collection too.

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