It’s a challenging time to be a soccer mom. My son just turned 8, and I appreciate this fact now more than ever!

The school expects parents to hold a more responsible and active role in the child’s extracurricular activities. However, wearing the many hats that I do made me loath driving my little footballer to his practice sessions every so often. It wasn’t until my son’s quarterfinal game that I really saw why the school stressed the importance of instilling the right values in young sportsmen.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in June; I was exasperated beyond endurance at the idea of spending my Saturday going to the quarterfinal game instead of running errands. Halfway through the game, I noticed that my son’s team was losing. But looking at my son, I realized that he was completely focused on the game. He was enjoying the competition and was responding well to authority figures. His team lost, yet, at the end of the game, I saw him shaking hands with his opponents, and he was also courteous toward a particularly aggressive player in the opponent team. All of a sudden it came to me, my little boy had turned into a man, because of the values inculcated him through true sportsmanship.

Respect, camaraderie, discipline, honesty, zeal, perseverance, competitiveness, empathy, kindness, dependability these are the rudimentary values that most parents want to instill in their children. But, teaching these values is often easier said than done.

What is a soccer mom like me to do? How about instilling the right values in children through sports?

Sports for inculcating values

Sport is a valuable tool for instilling the right values at a young age. It enables children to develop physically, while also promoting life skills like leadership, camaraderie and discipline. When my little sportsman is on the field I am proud to admit that he displays the true essence of sportsmanship.

Sports for building character

This is something that really struck a chord with me. When the buzzer sounded and the final score wasn’t on the side of my son’s team, the players didn’t resort to sulking or anger.

The 8-years-old’s didn’t walk away without shaking hands with the opponent team. Instead they showed character. Rather than acting on emotions, they chose the more sensible way out. While this may seem trivial to some, it’s something that will build their character in the long run.

Sports for all-round development

“A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body”. Playing sports encourages children to get involved mentally and physically. Sport gives children the chance to develop in all aspects. With my son, I’ve noticed that he has not only developed mentally but has also improved his hand-eye coordination. He has become stronger and is more active.

Values reflect in every choice we make

From the car I drive to the milk I buy, every choice I make for my child reflects the values I want to inculcate in him. U.S Polo Assn Kids is a brand that I have come to believe in.. The brand is inspired by ‘POLO’ – THE GAME OF KINGS. Polo is amongst one of the oldest equestrian sports and the thrilling sport is beset with technique, collaboration and true sportsmanship.

In line with my parenting philosophy, the brand is spreading the message of instilling right values of the game in sport enthusiasts at a very young age. A testament of the same is evident in their new TVC that shows camaraderie between a young boy and his polo pony.   The TVC narrates a poignant story highlighting the true spirit of the game in terms of camaraderie, zeal and competitiveness and the same elements are also reflected in their kids wear collection.

The commercial opens with a young polo enthusiast on his first day of training. He is elated to be introduced to his equine partner. The TVC captured the true essence of this young boy’s journey to forging a unique bond of respect and love with his polo pony.

The bond between the young player and his pony depicted in the TVC endorses the genuine spirit of polo and values of camaraderie, authenticity, and traditions. The stirring commercial reassured me that starting young to build character and instill values in my son is the right way to go.

Wrapping up

Reminiscing the words of famous tennis player Jim Courier – “Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and you really can’t tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way”, driving to the football practice is no longer a hassle for this soccer mom.

I value how sport has shaped my child’s personality. I am also happy to have found a brand that resonates with the core values I’d like to inculcate in my child. With the power of sports may we have many more Baichung Bhutias, Sania Mirzas and P.V. Sindhus in our country and in our homes.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Featured Image: US Polo Assn Kids

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