Whether you are in India or living outside India, Diwali is one festival you can easily introduce to your child’s class. While Diwali stems from Hindu Mythology, from stories of the Ramayana as well as Goddess Lakshmi – too much mythology and religion may not be the best bet for your child’s school or day care. Keeping it simple and at the same time bringing out all the fun cultural and traditional elements could be a great way to share the festival with all kids.

Story-telling sessions are a great way to introduce Diwali and the more interactive they are, the better. Kids have a limited attention span and just reading a long story may not necessarily keep them interested. Adding some fun elements, anecdotes and carrying some props to go along with the story, help in making the whole experience all the more fun!

With these in mind, here are some fun ideas on how you can take Diwali to your child’s classroom, for their friends and teachers to enjoy –

1. Rani Saves Diwali

Rani Saves Diwali is a fun book that takes us through Diwali celebrations at the Palace. The Royal Decorator had an accident and cannot complete the preparations for Diwali! What will Princess Rani do now? Will she be able to complete all the preparations? Can Princess Rani and her friends get all the To Dos done? You need to read the book to find out! This book is our Toka Junior book-pick for the 3 to 5 yr olds – Read full review!

 A Video Snippet Peek into the book

7Prop ideas for school

  • As this book talks about the Royal decorator and decorations, we decided to pair it with DIY Lantern in our October Toka Junior box.
  • You could take Paper lanterns or even Diyas/Lamps to your child’s class for all the kids to paint and put glitter on!

2. Leela’s Diwali Celebration

Leela’s Diwali Celebration written by Gowri Nat and illustrated by Vikrant Singh is a unique book that traces how Diwali is celebrated in the South of India. Leela, Sanjay and their parents travel from Seattle to Chennai to celebrate Diwali with their grand parents! The Sights and sounds of India, the beautiful kolams, the yummy sweets and idlis for breakfast give a great insight into how Diwali is celebrated in any South Indian household. This is a great book to take to school as kids can really identify with the happenings in the book! You could even consider donating this or any of the other Diwali books to your child’s school library.

 A Video Snippet Peek into the book

Leelas Diwali clbrt

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Props for school

  • You could pair this book with simple chalk rangolis that kids can draw on the sidewalks.
  • You could ask you child to wear pavadai for school and even make mini-idlis for school lunch box. We are planning to do this for our Diwali in school this year!
  • Diwali coloring pages are another great way to engage kids –

IMC’c Diwali coloring pages are available for free download  – Diwali Coloring Pages Printable

3. The Diwali Gift

The Diwali Gift is a fun and contemporary book on Diwali. I was looking for a way to explain Diwali that was relevant to my daughter, living as we are in the US. The Diwali Gift does a wonderful job of holding her attention and making Diwali fun! Suno, Dekho and Jaano are three monkey friends and Suno’s grandmother sends them a Diwali Gift. She offers some clues – it is round , it is shiny and brings good luck. With each clue the 3 wonder – is it Bangles or Sparklers or Diyas?The Diwali Gift

  • Pair this book with props from the story such as gold coins, Diyas, Bindis and bangles, all of which are very fascinating for young children and bring so much more life to the story!

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4. Junior Kumbhakarna

Written by Arundhati Venkatesh and illustrated by Shreya Sen, Junior Kumbhakarna is about a boy Kukku who wants the story of Kumbhakarna again and again and again. So Kukku’s dad starts telling him the story of the character in Ramayana, who eats and sleeps and only sleeps. What we loved about the book were the simple words and the lovely story line make the book a delightful read. The illustrations are fabulous and they add so much more character to the book. A Retelling of a portion of Ramayana in a humorous and funny manner!


  • Pair this story with the very popular Ramayana Stick puppets available it the TOKA SHOP.
  • The PDF version  for these are also available for download here – Carry popsicle sticks along and you have a fun puppet session from the Ramayana with kids.

A Video Snippet Peek into the Book

Buy the book at the Toka Book Shop

Other Ideas for Diwali in School –

  • Decorate a Diwali Diya thali and/or carry Mehendi/Henna cones to class2017-09-13 17.20.47
  • Rangoli-plates are available at Toka goodies & make for great gifts – Visit Toka Goodies for more!

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Have a Happy and Safe Diwali !!

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